Upcoming PS4 Price Drop? Destiny Limited Edition PS4 Pre-Order Up For Only $399

In a somewhat surprising news of the day, Amazon has just put up the pre-order for the upcoming Destiny: The Taken King Limited Edition console bundle. The weird thing is that this limited edition console, with a custom paint job and everything, is only being sold for $399.

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SmokingMonkey1206d ago

I wonder if Sony/Activision/Bungie will be doing one of these consoles a year for the next ten years, with every Destiny release?

I love limited edition Consoles, I think it's a very smart sales tactic. Xbox 360 did this very well with the Halo and COD consoles. The R2D2 360 is still one of the best Limited Consoles I've seen.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

The moment Sony drop the price of the PS4. The competition is over. It won't matter what ms do in the Holiday season they can expect to be utterly dominated.

GHOSTxx4201206d ago

A price drop doesnt matter to some people due to the fact most people have it by now and if your like me you have both but prefer the xbox. Smh with these console wars cant we just enjoy the games and quit worrying about the systems there on..

RocketScienceLvlStuf1206d ago


So 25 million PS4's sold = "most people have it".

Good logic /s

Derekvinyard131206d ago

they need to make an announcement for the cuh -1200 line to come to the US. been waiting forever. why is this not 1TB?

blackblades1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I asked a question on it so check what they said. So if you want the 1200 series you going to have wait till September 15th. I re-commenting to see if that's the only way of getting it so guess I'll be getting a batman bundle Sunday or monday cause tired of waiting myself.

NiteX1206d ago

I want a 1200 as well, that's why I just decided to get this Destiny bundle. I still want to play Destiny and never have, so I'm getting a nice looking PS4 1200 that also comes with the most updated version of Destiny free along with a digital voucher for a friend.

donthate1206d ago

I beg to differ, I think the Gears of War console is the best.

However, I did regret not getting the R2D2 console as well. :(

SmokingMonkey1206d ago

The clear Grey Halo with blue lights was also pretty slick.

I worked at a Gamestop last gen, and let me tell you; I can't recall how many times people traded in their perfectly working console, for one of these limited consoles, just for the "bells and whistles"

donthate1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

That was the Halo 4 console which looks pretty awesome too. I did get the sexy grey one for Halo: Reach.

I still think the Gears of War console is the best, but I'm a Gearhead! :D

I'm sort of tempted to get this PS4, but I really don't want to support Bungie with their BS so I will wait for something else. My black PS4 still works.

Farsendor11206d ago

I'm not much of a Destiny fan. I played my share at launch soon got out of the game but that is one nice looking system.

Cryptcuzz1206d ago

That is an awesome deal, if I say so myself.
The PS4 is not only just white (like my original Destiny bundle) but has some neat Destiny designs on it. Then it comes with The Taken King Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade, as well as a physical copy of the TTK as well?

If I didn't have the original Destiny bundle, I would seriously be looking into getting this, considering it was cheaper than what I got my destiny bundle for.

MikleDemi1206d ago

Wow what a great deal on an epic console with a good game.

If I didn't already have one, this would get m3 to buy one for sure.