PS4 MMO Games – A Look at Current and Upcoming Titles

There are a lot of MMOs to play on PlayStation 4. PSLS takes a look at what is available and what is coming in the future.

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Viryu1208d ago

I've played most of the currently released so far, and I could only recommend FFXIV if you can get past the subscription fees. I'm currently playing ESO, but it's a snorefest at times. Everquest might be interesting, but it needs more details, especially after spliting away from Sony.

What the article did omit were Kingdoms Under Fire 2 and Deep Down, both wihch I'm really looking into. Tomorrow Children might also be really good.

Bolts1208d ago

Everquest is a pipe dream and probably won't see the light of day. At least not by Day Break Studios. They simply don't have the funds to produce an AAA MMO, and their current method of funding the project through EQ Land Mark early access will make the development process last forever.

xActionBasturdx1208d ago

I've had Ffxiv since it released on PS4 and paid the sub fee. It has tons of content and is continuously add on more content so I think the sub is ESO is free to play and imo is just bad...I just can't get ino it like I do with FFXIV

MysticStrummer1208d ago

"I could only recommend FFXIV if you can get past the subscription fees."

I recommend War Thunder, DC Universe Online, Planetside 2, and Elder Scrolls Online, though I only recommend ESO based on the PvP. Also, War Thunder doesn't seem to fit the MMO definition imo but it's on this list and I like it a lot.

Wedge191208d ago

Love me some MMOs, but sad about how much time they really take up. It makes me feel like I am missing so many other great games!

Sokol1208d ago

Yeah, same here. I kinda come back and play them for few days then realize, I really have no time to allocate hours into it, free or not regardless..

Heck I just finished Witcher 3 and that took me almost three months. Spectacular game however :)


So tough for me to ever get into MMOs! They suck up so much time!

The last one I played was DCUO and even that I only stuck with for like two weeks.