Was Integrating Xbox and Windows a HUGE Mistake?

It might be too complicated for its own good.

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TheGreatGamer1206d ago

We can all agree that Games with Windows was a disaster but Microsoft learned their lessons and as an owner of a fairly decent gaming pc and and Xbox One I am very glad Microsoft is delivering on that 'Oneness' (for lack of a better word) with my Xbox One and PC. Looking forward to trying these new features out

Maxor1205d ago

The Oneness would be better if there's more crossplat play.

nX1205d ago

Kinda funny how PS4 offers more games that support cross-multiplayer than Microsoft does. Microsoft could simplify this by releasing a WindowsBox that works like a SteamBox as a console/PC hybrid.

gamer78041205d ago

MS is just getting started, the platform just released a couple days ago... give it some time. Fable legends will be the start of that, and its also free for both systems.

dantesparda1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


What Fable Legends is free? Is it a f2p game? Or a real free game?

Vasto1205d ago

@ nX

What PS4 games are crossplay? I know Final Fantasy XIV is and Street Fighter 5 will be next year.

nX1205d ago

^Rocket League, War Thunder and Warframe definitely support it.
Maybe DC Universe and Planetside 2 as well, not sure... but it should be more than on XB1 currently.

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Vasto1205d ago

@ dantesparda

Fable Legends will be a Free To Play game.

Vasto1205d ago


Also have Killer Instinct and Gigantic that will feature crossplay. I doubt Gears Of War Ultimate will without the Xbox One mouse support.

Lev19031205d ago

Another xbox mistake article. LOL

MCTJim1205d ago

Let me fix your comment:

Another Microsoft Mistake article LOL.

I agree with you..anything to make it seem like a bad thing. Its beneficial to gamers and MS. One ecosystem between all platforms.

I am just waiting for the horror articles to start popping up.

lelo2play1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

The smart thing Microsoft could do is release a new more powerfull hybrid console that runs Windows and Xbox One games all in one.

FlexLuger1205d ago

I think that is there plan for next gen.

Vasto1205d ago

The Xbox App is cool and only took me few minutes to learn how to use. Its optional so if you don't like then don't use it.

JeffGUNZ1205d ago

It's a smart move. I really like how they are working on playing PC games on Xbox One. Phil said it is a challenge they are excited to take on. That would be amazing if they could do that. It's already pretty cool to play your xbox one games on windows 10 devices.

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