Don’t Be Pissed Off About Xbox One Exclusives

Don't be upset about Sunset Overdrive's exclusivity.

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Naah, Even PS4 gamers can say that don't be pissed with ps4 exclusives like Bloodborne which is highest rated exclusive this gen not coming to other system. Bloodborne over sunset anyday.
Only reason people are still talking about it's exclusivity is bcox sunset it didn't sell well maybe releasing it to Pc might boast sales.
Ps4 gamers are not demanding sunset on their system only gaming media is having delusional belief they do for hits, click and rally up fan war.

shloobmm31232d ago

It sold over a million copies not factoring in say it did fine.

ox_ADRlAN_xo1232d ago

"click and rally up fan war."

Like your entire comment? Lucky for me, I own both consoles because fake loyalty and fan boys are stupid

Black0ut1232d ago


I must have missed the part where the story was PS4...Do you mind not going off topic thanks.

X1 has some great exclusives and only a fanboy would say otherwise. Cheers

Aenea1232d ago

I rather have both if you don't mind.

That Xbox One is coming here under my TV too, next to my PS4!

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Indeed. Exclusives help to give a bit of identity to your console. Nothing wrong with that.

Revolver_X_1232d ago

I don't think anyone expected Sunset Overdrive to become multiplat at any point in time. Its gotten great reviews and Im sure Insomniac did a great job, but c'mon man. Is Sunset Overdrive still a thing? Again, not knocking the game in any way. But the author says "don't get upset", but it reads more like "please be upset about this!" We are vastly approaching the holiday season. With tons of games around the corner, the last thing on any PS fans mind is Sunset. I say PS fan, because I assume that's who the article was aimed at.

kraenk121231d ago

It's a game aimed a bit too obviously at typical American teens.

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