Halo 5 co-op campaign has its own save file, runs on Xbox One dedicated servers

When you look at the biggest shooters in the industry today, it's hard to think of a franchise that consistently produces a story campaign like the ones we have found in Halo. Other games try to surpass the series with looks, actors and action, but there's something very unique about a Halo campaign.

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4Sh0w1207d ago

"When you look at the biggest shooters in the industry today, it's hard to think of a franchise that consistently produces a story campaign like the ones we have found in Halo."

-True....I cant wait to see more at Gamescom, I hear they will have some interesting info to share about Halo5.

christocolus1207d ago

And Halo 5 might have the best campaign yet. 5 days to MS press briefing. Hopefully we'll see a new demo from the campaign but this time it will be Master chief and his team.

Septic1207d ago

I have high hopes for the campaign. Let's see what 343 can do

ThePope1207d ago

I have high hopes for the campaign as well. Here's the thing, Halo 4 was visually and narratively very impressive and that was 343s first game.

donthate1207d ago

I have high hopes too, especially learning that even co-op has dedicated servers!

MS is pushing those servers and I'm very happy to see it. Hoping to see some amazing display of cloud technology at Gamescom.

I hope the story will make more sense for us people that aren't hugely into Halo lore though so I like the idea of Locke vs Chief.

Bigpappy1207d ago

If Master Chief make an appearance at GDC in the campaign, the crowd will blow the roof off

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otherZinc1207d ago

Can't wait for the conference to start next week. However, I don't want too much Halo 5 Campaign Story information, I like to experience most surprises during Campaign play.

Erik73571207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I wished they showed more stuff beside the campaign at e3 and the MP....was hoping for firefight to come back or some forge stuff.

Bigpappy1207d ago

I prefer online co-op or LAN co-op over split screen. So this is right up my alley

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TheUndertaker851207d ago

So the progress you make in single player won't be the same as co-op and vice versa?

I wish devs wouldn't do that. I hate playing so far through in one mode only to have to replay the same content in another. Makes it feel like you're just playing catch up.

IE I get home and start playing the campaign on single player and get through a few sections. I decide I want to play co-op and have to replay the same sections. If I get farther then in co-op and go back to single later the same becomes true again.

mhunterjr1207d ago

Why not just play the co-op mode by yourself? If you feel like you want some friends to join you, send some invites... When you go back to playing alone, they drop out, and you continue on...

Kingdomcome2471207d ago

Sounds so simple and obvious, but I'd have never thought of doing that lol.

SuicideKing1207d ago

Really excited to play through this with 3 friends!

Septic1207d ago

Seriously though, I love the dedicated server support for MS games.

StrayaKNT1207d ago

Yeah Microsofts servers are incredible. Can't wait to get into the Halo 5 campaign with my friends. Then finish it a jump in warzone :D great times ahead. The best next gen Console is only going to get better when halo drops.

1207d ago
ZhukNasimPog1207d ago

That was down to the actual coding of the game. It's the game that tells the servers what to do.

1207d ago
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