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GK has done a full review of the new F1 2015 game by Codemasters (PC reviewed)


"The new engine has been worth the wait for though after the placeholder 2014 game! F1 games have tended to be rather sterile, particularly in their environments, because you can normally get away with low detail at high speed. However, Codemasters have managed to create a game that not only runs well, but really ups the level of detail both in terms of the cars, and the trackside and ambient detail."

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GamerKnights1207d ago

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bumnut1207d ago

The white text on the red and grey background looks awful, I didn't even finish reading the review!

GamerKnights1207d ago

Hmm not sure what you mean, everybody can read it well no? whats the problem? perhaps your screen contrast isn't setup well or something else?