10 Things We Feel Guilty For in Video Games

Jo from GamersFTW writes: 'There are always parts in games that leave us feeling guilty. Be it a choice we have to make about another characters fate, whether it is part of the games integral plot or it is just something that looks like fun and we go ahead without thinking of the consequences. Here is a list of some of those things that make us feel guilty when playing our games, but inevitably we end up doing every time anyway.'

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Yukes1206d ago

These points are so true! Why do we always feel impelled to throw our character off the highest cliff? I've died so, so many times in RPG games that way - usually more than at the hands of enemies :)

MrsNesbitt1206d ago

There's a surreal feel of adrenaline when you jump off somewhere high, and you rest in the knowledge that it's not your digital bones being broken! My heart ached when Dogmeat dies; I restart from my last save point no matter how far back it may be! Great article :D

Shillmeister1206d ago

Done too many of these things.. well, all of them! I'm a monster! D:
Great list though, and each one being oh so true! Never felt so bad as beating Great Grey Wolf Sif in Dark Souls though.

GamerGabs1206d ago

Really enjoyed reading this list. I'm both ashamed and amused to admit that I've done most of them time and time again. Genuinely made me laugh out loud a few times.

alijones941206d ago

Reminds me of the times you save the game in RPGs just so you can go on a killing rampage and respawn as if it all never happened.

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