Demons Age Announced for Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2016

EB: Bigmoon Entertainment has announced Demons Age, which is a turn-based RPG coming to the Xbox One, PS4, and PC during Q1 of 2016. A new trailer and screenshots have been released to support the announcement.

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spacedelete1150d ago

i read the title as "Demon's Soul announced for Xbox One, Ps4 and PC". lol.

spicelicka1150d ago

Everybody be coool this is Demon's Age!!!!

ArchangelMike1149d ago

Yeah that game title though!!!

So should I be excpecting an isometric Dragon Age X Demons' Souls?

1150d ago
xwilldemise1150d ago

Guess it's hard to be original with game titles nowadays, I immediately thought Demon Souls & Dragon Age. Lol