Havendale CPU meets GPU, diagram pictured

In the past you needed a CPU, a Northbridge and a Southbridge or at least three chips to make an Intel platform work.

As of late 2009, Havendale will change this as the CPU will get an integrated GPU and Intel's Ibex peak chipset will be a single chip solution.

The Havendale CPU has a GPU or iGFX as Intel likes to calls it, but this CPU does at the same time support external PCIe graphics.

Havendale is a dual core, Nehalem derived 45nm CPU and therefore it comes with an integrated memory controller on the CPU side of the chip. The chip supports DDR3 and it interconnects with Ibex peak via a direct memory interface (DMI).

The Ibex peak Southbridge is interconnected with the GPU through Intel's Flexible Display Interface (FDI) and the chipset should provide display connectivity. The chipset also has an input/output part and something called a Manageability engine. The latter is something that Intel already has in its 4-series Northbridge.

Two chips means higher integration at lower power and greater performance at the same time, at least this is what Intel claims. This is what it looks like.

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Lyan3704d ago

If it is competitive, performance and price wise, then this could have a huge impact on the computer market. Really interested to see some benchmarks and comparison statistics.

Fox013704d ago

this sounds like Chinese to me.

deeznuts3704d ago

No, I clicked the site. It's in english.

Guwapo773704d ago

Nice...reminds me of AMD. Not like thats a bad thing. This method can only make a strong chip even stronger. AMD is going to have to do something truly special to catch back up in the next 10 years.