PlayStation 4’s Phenomenal Sales and Near Monopoly: What does it mean for the Xbox One?

"The Playstation 4 sold better this quarter than ALL of its competitors combined. Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for a whole new monopoly in the gaming arena, if one does not face you already."

Gaz from Gameondaily asks what the PS4's continued domination in the gaming industry means for the Xbox One.

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star_lancer1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

It means nothing yet for Xbox One because MS's big hitters have yet to arrive. The big question will be how much (if any) of the gap will close after Halo, Forza & Tomb Raider release this year (along with whatever bundles go along with them).

If Xbox One is still losing ground come January, after their big games come out, then they need to worry. But the gap right now is BARELY 2:1 (25.3 - 13), and that's AFTER Sony's big Batman deal, and BEFORE Halo 5.

It's true that Sony still has some big games to come, like Uncharted and eventually Gran Turismo. However, if by then MS makes up some ground, or even just keeps pace, the ratio will drop considerably. After all, MS has already announced several potential AAA titles for next year, so it's not like they have nothing after this holiday.

Lets say MS sells exactly the same number of Xbox One's over the next year as Sony sells PS4's. The gap won't close, but the ratio will drop. That would put PS4 at 38 million or so, and Xbox One at 26 million or so. It's still a 12 million gap, but it would be only a 1.5:1 ratio, far less than the 2:1 it currently is.

A true monopoly is the 6:1 advantage PS2 had over the original Xbox and Gamecube.

StrayaKNT1208d ago

I agree. Plus with backward compatability, the Xbox is going to be a brilliant console.

Respect to Sony. They will have a monopoly this gen. But remember its all about Games and you cant say that the Xbox One is not delivering on some greatness.

Septic1208d ago

Well said.

It is indeed all about the games. MS needs to continue to deliver on that greatness for the entirety of this gen though and not abruptly stop and rely on its (admittedly impressive) heavy hitters.

xHeavYx1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

There is supposedly a 10M+ gap, 3 or 4 big hitters during the holidays won't make that much of a difference (and let's be honest, Forza and TR have never been known to be system sellers), also, big multiplat games coming have deals with Sony, and let's not forget how well the Batman bundle did.
I keep hearing of the gap closing because the One is selling more than it used to, but if they keep getting outsold that means that the gap is getting bigger, not smaller.

By the way, funny how make it sound that a 2:1 gap is something small, 10M seems like a big number to me.

Septic1208d ago


Who are you replying to? Neither Straya nor I are talking about the 2:1 gap?

xHeavYx1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Not sure why you'd care, but part to Star_Lancer (sales numbers) and part to Straya ("all about the games")

frostypants1208d ago

@Septic: "MS needs to continue to deliver on that greatness for the entirety of this gen though and not abruptly stop and rely on its (admittedly impressive) heavy hitters."

The problem is MS has a history of doing exactly what you say they should not do.

Pogmathoin1208d ago

It means our favourite industry is alive and well, and will mean many more great games for us down the road.... take what you want from that, or turn it into another useless fanboy fantasy war..... Yes, X1 should have been better... had the wrong people at the helm, and they missed a huge opportunity to build on the 360. Despite that.... I love the X1 for the games you can only get on it.... Same for PS4 and the games that are only there.... Do not care what people say, there are PS hardcore fans that secretly love Halo or Gears, and vice versa about those who secretly love Uncharted.... its just this stupid cloak of hiding behind the keyboard that the internet allows to fester.....

star_lancer1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )


10 million is big now, but if MS just keeps pace, it gets considerably less significant.

In 3 or 4 years, if PS4 is at 70 million and Xbox One is at 58 or 60 million, the 10-12 million gap doesn't look as big as it does now.

I'll concede however, that MS still has to prove it can keep pace - something it hasn't done yet.

NatureOfLogic_1208d ago

@star_lancer, Keep pace? You mean the same 3-1 pace that's happening worldwide right now? If so then lol at your predictions.

johndoe112111208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )


"Lets say MS sells exactly the same number of Xbox One's over the next year as Sony sells PS4's"

"10 million is big now, but if MS just keeps pace"

Why do you people not get it. Microsoft is NEVER going to keep the pace with sony because they get out sold everywhere in the WORLD except for the US and the UK, and even in those territories they are being outsold right now.

The gap is growing, it isn't shrinking and it isn't remaining level. They can outsell sony every month in the US and that gap will still grow because the rest of the world will keep it that way. It doesn't matter how many Halos, Forzas, Fables or Killer instinct DLC packs they release they will keep getting outsold worldwide.

The ps3 outsold the 360 EVERY MONTH world wide from the day it was released, that's why they eventually overtook microsoft, how do you figure microsoft can keep any pace now seeing that they released at the same time and have been getting utterly raped in sales since the release of the new systems?

At what point are you guys going to get this ridiculous delusion out of your heads? Does the xbox one have good games? Yes. will it continue to sell? Yes, but it's not going to catch up to the PS4 and that gap will continue to grow till the next gen.

The only thing that will change that is if Sony goes out of business or they make some mega earth shattering blunder with the ps4.

AngryTypingGuy1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

PS4 is dominant, but saying that Sony has a monopoly is a bit of a stretch. Having competition that sells over 10 million in less than two years and beats you on a monthly basis in the U.S. (even if it is only once in a blue moon) is hardly a monopoly.

As a PS4 owner, I'm happy for their success because it means the PS4 will be the lead platform for many games, the idea of being a console exclusive on PS4 is more appealing than being an exclusive for the competition, and used games should go down in price quicker at various outlets with more being bought and then put up for sale.

TedCruzsTaint1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

This site is disgusting.
You say Microsoft is doing better - improving - and you get down voted.

You say anything positive about PC, chances are you get down voted.

You have to eat all the Nintendo nonsense rampant in almost any article.

You make a troll account for Sony, exaggerating on everything they do, you gain bubbles.

There are only a handful of people of actual intelligence, real gamers, etc in the midst, and the rest are the worst of what the internet can puke up as a gaming community.

Those with actual insight can't even show as much - can't even humor a real conversation - at the risk of losing bubbles.
Essentially working to quiet any working brain cells this site can muster.
So you have idiotic fanboyism running rampant.

This is a trash site for trash mentalities, and I am honestly getting tired of it.

Grow up, the gaming community - the N4G community - you are the reason gamers constantly have to defend themselves as mature individuals.

Ezz20131207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


I don't get it!!
You go to any Xbox/ps4/pc/nintendo article and try to troll
you get down voted and bubble down

Why are you acting like Xbox and pc gamers are somewhat victims of this site ?!

They troll playstation articles all the time
there is even trolls who pretend to own ps4 just so they can troll it.

Every system have it fanboys.

TedCruzsTaint1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


Get off of it.

Yes, there are fanboys of every platform on this site. I'd be the first to admit it; also the first to call them out.

But if you are going to sit there and pretend it's an even playing field, you are deluded.

Sony flock runs this site probably 5:1. What the Sony gamers want to be true, want to be seen, is what goes.

Some fanboys get downvoted, lose their bubbles and, ultimately, are quieted.
Some are up voted, given bubbles, and are commended for their idiocy. And they tend to land on Sony's side, weirdly enough.

I am tired of a site that hosts so much gaming news - a proper news site where you can learn a lot in little time - being dictated by idiots.

Ezz20131207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


You are the one who need to get off it

Unless you got a prove that this site favor Sony
then you got nothing
This site allow blogs and unknowen sites that bash Sony and it games all the time.

also if you hate this site so much
then why you still here ?!

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loopygames1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

You can kind of say the same for Sony.

suckingeggs1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

@ star lancer

Let me play devil's advocate

You really putting all your eggs on the halo Forza and tomb raider basket?

Forza is not a system seller, tomb raider is timed and out the same day as fallout 4...the big hitter is halo which will push systems and is the only out the Three Im buying.

You talk like a gap of over ten million is tiny by using the word 'barely' think ps4 will suddenly stop selling this holiday when the games you mentioned are releasing? Sony have MGS and COD bundles and marketing rights ..

COD love it or hate it is a system seller has one of the hugest followings like halo and gran turismo...

A HUGE 12million gap when Sony have to up their forecast when they are outdoing themselves is not something to take lightly

Septic1208d ago

MS had marketing rights to COD the last two years; that didn't make a big difference to the Xbox One sales at all.

suckingeggs1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

@septic... True.. But Altogether it was a very long partnership it kinda got stale.

sometimes change can reap benefits

Well have to see

EDIT:@genuine user.. You forgot the Bigfoot and UFO of games...the last guardian ..

kneon1208d ago


No one game will change the average sales rate of any console. Sure sales spike when a big game releases but it's just a spike, it will die off in just a few weeks and the console is back to selling pretty much how out did before the game released.

The way to move the needle on the typical weekly sales rate is to improve the overall perceived value and desirability of the system. So while no one game will do it, having a string of highly desired games will.

star_lancer1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Fair points, but the "system seller" will be the combination of those three big titles that are available only on Xbox One this year.

By the time Tomb Raider releases, people will look at Xbox One vs. PS4 and see three big games they can't play on PS4.

Of course, much will depend on the quality of those games. If Forza & Halo review well (and history suggests they will), a high quality Tomb Raider game will be icing on the cake.

@kneon - you're exactly right. While Forza & Tomb Raider aren't system sellers, the overall desirability of the Xbox One will increase dramatically when all three games (including Halo 5) are available for purchase only on Xbox One.

kaizokuspy1208d ago


You keep saying "keep pace"... MS needs to "pick up the pace". If they stay at the pace as sony stays at theirs then it will be 50 million ps4 vs 25 million xbones. The numbers only get worse as you go higher. So MS needs to pick up the pace. The console will always be a good console, but it will never be the best this gen. I love halo, always will, but I'm ready for new groundbreaking IPs from MS. I wanna see some really niche games and jrpgs on it. If they do that, then they will have my money.

miyamoto1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )


Dude, COD marketing on PS4 is a huge difference than COD on 360 that i assure you. Its all about brands, dude.

Never ever make similarity between the PlayStation brand and the Xbox brand. Never.
And the difference is the main reason why PS4 is selling more than the XB1.

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Genuine-User1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

You have made it sound as if a 12+ million gap isn't a big deal.

"But the gap right now is BARELY 2:1 (25.3 - 13), and that's AFTER Sony's big Batman deal, and BEFORE Halo 5."

The 2:1 gap has continued after:

Forza Motorsport 5
Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct
Forza Horizon 2
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Sunset Overdrive

And before:

Uncharted 4
Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection
God of War
Gran Turismo
The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Sony Bend's next game
Quantic Dream's next game
Ratchet and clank
Media Molecule's next game

Project Morpheus anyone?

Septic1208d ago

That's a fair point. SOny have dominated even though they have had very little in the way of megatons. Imagine the sales lead once they unleash those titles above.

Then its going to be pretty damn tough next year, unless MS' titles live up and exceed their expectations.

Genuine-User1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I would argue that even Microsoft has had very little in the way of megatons.

Next year, the gap will either stay the same or grow ever larger in Sony's favour.

SmokingMonkey1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )


Media Molecule's Next Game is Dreams. It was awesome, you loved it.

Swap that out and put in "Sucker Punches next game".

Sony 1st party is unmatched, hence the sales lead.

star_lancer1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )


"Next year, the gap will either stay the same or grow ever larger in Sony's favour."

All MS needs to do is keep pace. They can forget the first year disasters and move forward from here. Fortunately for MS, they're not just sitting back and resting on this year's games. They have a number of potential AAA games already in the works for next year and beyond.

MS simply needs to prove it can keep pace with Sony, and they have yet to do that. Now is their best chance. We'll see in a year how it turns out.

miyamoto1208d ago

The PS4 by itself just shipped 50% of the total gaming hardware units this quarter. No price drop, and no "AAA Exclusive In a huge, established franchise on a low season quarter.

Can't wait what fall and the holidays have in store because the PS4 has always topped and exceeded our expectations.

dcbronco1208d ago

This lead is overblown. If Sony fans actually listened to themselves they would calm down a bit. Does anyone really believe there is a sudden huge increase in the number of gamers out there. Probably not as big as Sony's increase in sales would have you believe. You have to remember even they don't get why it is selling so well.

Here's the reality. PS4 will continue to sell very well for a couple of more years. But the gap will start shrinking after that. The continued lead will make Microsoft put more money into Xbox. More than they already had planned to. Which is good for gamers. I know "the Xboxloses money crew" will say Microsoft won't keep dumping more money in but they are dumping because Xbox makes plenty of money.

Once Sony reaches the 60-70 thousand unit mark sales will slow. Plus I bet Microsoft has a lot to show at Gamescom. I think Crackdown is going to be a monster. I also bet the reason Halo is running dedicated servers is because there will be a lot more destruction in it than we have been led to believe. 343 industries has been working with the Azure cloud for several years now and co-op is not a compelling reason for them to using some of the things they have been. Project Orleans lends itself to destruction if my understanding of it is correct and 343 has been testing it for years now.

If Halo, Crackdown and Fable all show massive levels of persistent destruction we might see that lead shrink sooner rather than later. I think Microsoft will show what always on brings to gaming. There is a whole lot more than Drivatars to be had.

Godmars2901207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

So long as you're talking world wide sales the gap is only going to get larger. In Europe, Japan and now China the PS4 outsells for existing. Being a brand that's had two solid and one slow and iffy successful console gens.

What are you basing your assumption on given that the one time MS had a lead over Sony, that gap shrunk over time and not in their favor. Yes the 360 dominated in the U.S., but that was it.

dcbronco1207d ago

Godmars I'm basing it on there not suddenly being millions more gamers. We just went through a long lifecycle. Too long. People wanted new hardware badly and were told the PS4 was far more powerful. So they jumped on it. But at some point everyone that wants one will have one. That's when the new gamers will show. They rarely spend full price. Also at that point many will start to buy their second console. Barring an amazing Nintendo machine, that will be an Xbox One.

At that point Microsoft will have dropped the price trying to keep up and there will be plenty of exclusives to get people on board. But moving to Xbox quicker happens if Microsoft shows massive destruction at Gamescom next week.

Godmars2901207d ago

No. Developers wanted hardware, games which justified said hardware, while people - gamers - wanted games. That's both why the Wii had the success it did, why it created the new audience it did because it promised simplicity and games, and why it failed when those games didn't come. Because hardware obsessed devs didn't want to "step down" and support weak hardware. That obsession is also why AAA games are the creatively hemmed in broken messes they are.

And none of that has anything to do with the XB0 not being as popular as the PS4 right now. MS have done price drops, they reversed unpopular policies and then some, and aside from holiday sale bumps that hold for 2-3 months, they've lost ground for the rest of the year. With Sony not resting on their heels in the meantime.

Yet somehow cloud distribution, a tech bell and whistle that adds detail but no real depth, is going to change things in a major way? Explode sales?

dcbronco1207d ago

So you believe there are suddenly tens of millions more gamers out there because they were so impressed with PS4 that they had to have one. So its not gamers buying all of these consoles, its new gamers? Gaming is growing. But it hasn't grown to the extent to justify PS4 sales. Again, even Sony admits they don't get it.

The Wii sold well because it actually increased the market by bringing in none gamers. Nursing homes and parents. PS4 isn't doing that. It's selling to a slightly increased audience. Not a sudden influx on hundreds of millions. This generation added a ten or twenty million new gamers. Nobodies Grandmother is buying one.

And the cloud is bringing more than nominal changes. You obviously haven't seen any BUILD, GDC or even read my previous comments. I'm talking destruction on a level not previously seen in gaming.

Godmars2901207d ago

I believe that the PS2 crowd never fully migrated to 360, that the 7th console gen as a whole was the most overhyped and under-delivering of the lot, and that MS failed to understand how they were sub-dividing console gaming between those who didn't want to pay for added functionality that was being advertised as premium but was basic, and those would couldn't deal with the ever tightening restrictions being implemented via the early plans for the XB0. Which is why they blew up in MS's face.

And what they're proposing with cloud distribution, the added bits of destructibility, was one of them. That by the time they get it to a level they indicated at the launch of the XB0, that's if they can get 3rd parties on board which would then alienate PS4 games and that user base, it likely wont be until their next system is announced. And still it wont really contribute to true game quality, just create added layers of complexity that will be dependent on an online connection.

dcbronco1207d ago

Godmars there are many gamers who will eventually buy both consoles. It's just a matter of when they buy that second console. At the end of last generation sales fell through the basement. The generation went on to long. When new machines were announced it was like hollering water to people lost in the desert. With the initial belief that the PS4 was 50% more powerful and $100 cheaper on top of the other brainwashing(always on, spying on you for the NSA) it made PS4 the system of choice.

There is still a limited number of gamers out there. Sony will slow down as it saturates the market. They aren't killing it in Japan or China. Neither of them is. So if you're using PS2 as a marker for what is possible stop. The 100+ million people in Japan aren't biting this generation. They accounted for a huge chuck of those PS2 sales. So if you're thinking 200 million PS4s, again, look at Japan and stop thinking that. You can probably eliminate 50 million sales right there.

Again, you need to look at the BUILD demo. You need to look at the number of Azure data centers coming online. You need to look at the amount of infrastructure Microsoft is putting in to connect those data centers. Read articles and watch presentations on their new technologies. Look at business reports on Azure's speed. It is a good bit faster than the other services. There is constantly information about new technology on this sight yet it is still amazing how little many seem to notice. Things like peoples ability to go blank when they read Microsoft and Duke University developed tech that compresses data 85% when transmitting on the internet.

Some of it may take some time, but I believe we will see huge advancements toward it Monday. One of the Crackdown devs comments on Beyond 3d. While he won't say anything much. He has said people will be shocked. Just wait to see just what they can do.

And there is even more potential in the cloud than destruction. Always on allows for so many opportunities. For instance, to me your drivatar should work just like drop in and out of co-op games. If you are in a league race and you lose your connection your drivatar takes over immediately until you can reconnect. Having that cloud based component allows for that. That would save a few controllers. People just allow other shortsighted people opinions pimp them too often. With all of your Windows devices connected your Xbox could monitor a persistent world and report events to you on your phone or tablet. Or allow for a livery on a phone app that lets you tune cars for Forza that automatically appear on your Xbox. You could use the Forza marketplace anywhere and your Xbox would update. The cloud has plenty to offer.

Godmars2901206d ago

More than a bit sad how much you think MS is banking on "Da Cloud" overall dominant in gaming. Worse if you're right, because between all the time they're taking to get it up and running, the general state of the internet and mainstream consumers, its just not going to work.

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Jubez1871208d ago

Why are people under the assumption that Tomb Raider is a system seller? Even it was fully exclusive..

buttcheeks1208d ago

Halo or not the x1 wont outsell the ps4 worldwide this holiday north America it will definitely outdo the ps4 but worldwide no so the gap will continue to grow

22CobraKing1208d ago

MS has big games but other titles are also releasing like fallout 4, Black ops 3, battlefront and those will sell a lot more than Forza and Tomb Raider. Tomb raider will sell about 1.5 -2million.

SuperStatePro1208d ago

Great point. And think about this: if at the end of this gen the PS4 has, say, a 15 million gap and sells 115 million consoles, that would mean the X1 sold 100 million. That ratio would only be 1.15:1. Pretty much nothing.

Menkyo1208d ago

Honestly how many more times are people going to say this? Tomb Raider isnt that big of deal especially as it isnt really exclusive to xbone, Forza wont do near as well as GT6, Halo ill give ya that one, its going to move units but its not going to move millions maybe a few hundred thousand. Sony continued out selling means one thing for MS and Xbone they are going to have to shell out way more money to buy more 1 year exclusives then before.

1208d ago
Jaqen_Hghar1208d ago

PS4 has more than doubled Xbox sales every single week even after the Xbox price drop. They will not sell the same number because they never have. Sony has exclusives too. None as big as Halo but Tomb Raider is timed and everyone knows it now. Forza comes every year just like MLB the Show so its effect is less and less on sales (diminishing returns and oversaturation take effect it's not the series' fault).

MS has always had these 3 big franchises they go back to time and again and concentrate their efforts during the holidays. Sony spreads their titles out throughout the year and brings new franchises all the time. Look at this year. They've already had 2 new AAA IPs (The Order and Bloodborne) and they still have Until Dawn, Tearaway (first for PS4), Everybody's Gone to Rapture, and Rime.

ratchet4261208d ago

"But the gap right now is BARELY 2:1 (25.3 - 13), and that's AFTER Sony's big Batman deal, and BEFORE Halo 5."

Yeah, and BEFORE the PS4's first price drop and BEFORE Uncharted 4.

Killzoner991208d ago

Wrong. You can try to spin it any way that makes you feel better but the FACT is the PS4 has won this gen by a landslide and the Xbone failed miserably. There is no coming back from this. The PS4's sales continue to tighten the screws on the Xbone. Why can't you just accept that?

skratchy1208d ago

Will everyone PLEASE stop talking about Tomb Raider like it's an ACTUAL exclusive? Jeez. Microsoft shelled out $10 million for that year long exclusivity deal, because to them it's all a big dick swinging competition.

Tomb Raider STARTED on Playstation and has been there this whole time. Xboners don't give two shits about Lara Croft; MS just wanted to compete against Uncharted because, let's face it, Halo and Gears are tired IPs and it's all they have.

mEATgrinder1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Nice post. If Sony keep doing the numbers then Xbox will have to keep hard working as they are doing now to keep trying to claw some distance back. Yes, there may be some monopoly deals going on with Sony like COD and other exclusive content as they are significantly ahead. Sony may well in the future get some killer new IP's. But to think that Xbox is going to get so far left behind that developers won't just bother is just stupid. There's a market of 13 million Xbox One users out there.

Taero1208d ago

Thing is, that 2:1 gap is AFTER the rush of fans bought their consoles, we're now working on people who held off, weren't quite sure, couldn't afford it etc. I don't think many big fans were holding off just until UC4 or H5.

jmac531207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Keeping pace for Microsoft right now means being left behind with the gap widening. As much as it might be hard to admit, the Xbox cannot catch up at this point even with the "heavy hitters". You cannot pretend to believe that the Xbox sales numbers exist in a bubble with the PS4 not selling anything.

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suckingeggs1208d ago

Xbox has lost this generation but they are still in a good position.. Sonys monopoly right now still won't afford them exclusives like pro evo and Gta like they Did with ps2 and aslong as Xbox owners still get all third party games everyone should be happy.

Its a great time to be a ps4 owner and a Xbox one owner simple as that...

The-Marb1208d ago

Finally a moderate opinion. Hooray for you sir, have a biscuit!


suckingeggs1208d ago

Why thank you

Nom Nom Nom..

crazychris41241208d ago

Yup both consoles have great games. Going to trade in my current X1 for the blue forza 6 bundle then if the red MGS 5 PS4 bundle comes to North America then I will have a nice red, blue console setup.

peshkavusCA1207d ago

Disagrees are either from PS4 or X1 fanboys hehe

Cohagen4201208d ago

Hey an actual sensible post, yay.

SaveFerris1208d ago

It means the Xbox One will remain in second place to the PS4 based on WW numbers, but it'll be a lot closer in North America and the United Kingdom.

xHeavYx1208d ago

Maybe in NA, but the PS4 has outsold the One in the UK for the past 6 months.

SuperStatePro1208d ago

He said it will be a lot closer in UK than Worldwide. Just like it is now. Reading comprehension, buddy..

izumo_lee1208d ago

One thing people need to consider is that the PS4 is selling so well even without a price cut, that is the crazy part about all this.

The PS2 in the day hit its stride when it received its price cut & that was when the sales of it exploded. The PS4 is not there yet but what happens when it does get its price cut, will we see the same kind of explosion in sales.

It's great that Microsoft has such a strong fall/winter lineup but to be honest it is the same lineup they have had for years. You got Halo, Gears, Forza the same big 3 almost every year. You can't always rely on these games all the time & be successful all the time.

Sony may not have a huge 1st party lineup for the fall/winter but their partnerships with 3rd parties will alleviate that until those 1st party games are ready. The COD, Star Wars, MGS5 deals are huge & may be the equalizer to Microsofts big 3.

It'll be interesting thats for sure.

star_lancer1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

"You can't always rely on these games all the time & be successful all the time."

So what makes you think the COD deal will do anything for Sony? Isn't COD the textbook definition of a big yearly game? You can't fault MS for bringing out Halo, Gears & Forza every year, then claim COD is somehow exempt from your categorization. Isn't it fair to say that Sony expecting the same from COD that MS is expecting from it's yearly titles?

By the way, MS had a special deal with COD last year. How'd that turn out? History is not on Sony's side when it comes to COD marketing deals.

"may be the equalizer to Microsofts big 3."

Very unlikely. A person choosing a game console in November will see those three games for BOTH systems, along with Forza, Halo & Tomb Raider ONLY on Xbox One.

"The PS2 in the day hit its stride when it received its price cut & that was when the sales of it exploded. The PS4 is not there yet but what happens when it does get its price cut, will we see the same kind of explosion in sales."

PS2 sold 20+ million consoles THREE straight years, starting in it's third year. By contrast, neither PS3 or Xbox 360 ever broke 15 million in a year. PS4 will remain in the lead, but PS2 numbers are not going to happen. It's an entirely different industry now.

JamesBroski1208d ago

It means that Microsoft will keep pushing, innovate and bring more exclusives to the console. It means that the Xbox One will be a pretty interesting console for gamers in the end. Kinda like PS3 last year.

mEATgrinder1208d ago

Too right. Magic Duels is free now. World of Tanks is here. There's a lot going on that might have not been going on if Xbox was up with Sony