Gamers Universe Review: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution DS

Gamers Universe writes: "That canny old Sid Meier, eh? Here we are giving the DS version of Civilization Revolution extra special attention after reviewing its bigger sisters last month, and the man's gone and made it almost exactly the same game with nary a coal deposit amiss. Time for a surreptitious cut and paste, then? Well, no. Sid and co. may have conjured up a minor miracle in getting this beardy colossus to work on a handheld device, but the results are slightly disappointing.

And that's rather a surprise, because on paper at least the DS version should benefit the most from Revolution's tightened structure and feature set. Having set its sights beyond bespectacled PC audiences, Firaxis took the legendary turn-based strategy sim back to basics for its first 'proper' console outing, ripping out more demanding features and treating the interface to a wash and brush-up."

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