Gamers Universe Preview: Resistance 2

Gamers Universe writes: "Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm were two shining beacons in an otherwise dull PS3 launch line-up. But while interest in the racer soon waned, Resistance valiantly soldiered on amidst the ranks of other online detritus. Servers are still populated by a crowd of dedicated players to this day, most of whom will be aching for the series' second iteration in the autumn. With Insomniac promising a tighter focus on multiplayer for the sequel, this E3 build was justifiably limited to network play with most of the narrative still under lock and key.

What we do know is that R2 begins directly after the events of the original with lead character Nathan Hale inexplicably transported to Iceland. Excitement over the unique setting is soon abated however, the developer takes a few narrative liberties to shift focus onto a near-future USA where the Chimeran enemies plot a final destructive blow on the human race."

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gameraxis3492d ago

psn... same as n4g name, add me if u plan to spend countless hours playing this game online lol

slave2Dcontroller3492d ago

Your souls belongs to the cosmos but your asses belong to me! I have destroyed every single one of you pesky bastards in the London regions. It wasnt easy- for the fight was long, gruesome, and difficult. There were times that I felt unfairly outnumber, outgunned.

Still, I rose to the occasion. From Operation: Deliverance in York to Cheddar Gorge in Somerset to Your very own Chimeran Tower in England, I layed my wrath upon you and conquered you without remorse or without mercy. I did this as a visitor.

Well, as I understand it... you are making your way to The Land Of The Free and The Home Of The Brave. My home, America! The trip from my home in Los Angeles to San Fran is a short one. I suspect that you will make you way across the Pacific and make your invasion into the Bay Area where you will work your way from west to east. I will meet you in San Francisco and I will follow you to Chicago and beyond.

I've been practicing by reliving our first bout. I hope you have been working on a better wardrobe and new moves. Its almost time to dance again. Oh! and just like last time I'll lead and you'll fall.. I mean follow! OoOooh, I cant wait to see you die again. I'm losing sleep just thinking bout it!