Wasteland 2: Directors Cut - Remastered and enhanced version playable at Gamescon

Deep Silver and inXile today announced that Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut will be playable at gamecom 2015 at the Deep Silver booth in hall 9.

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eyeDEVOUR1204d ago

Really want to see this on ps4...

thereapersson1204d ago

I'd buy this type of game. An old original Fallout-style RPG is just what the doctor ordered.

Zombiesfeelpain1204d ago

It's coming to PS4 and Xbox One. :D

gamer91204d ago

This is great but you said the release date was “Summer 2015”, I was hoping to play in August. Major buzzkill

spacedelete1204d ago

it makes more sense releasing in October as its a spiritual successor to Fallout and Fallout games usually release in October.

Serg1204d ago

Spiritual successor to Fallout? What?

If you go about passing off uninformed drivel like this as fact, I am not in the least bit surprised that you only have 2 bubbles.

Wasteland 2 is a direct successor to a 1988 game called, surprise surprise, Wasteland. Which, just so you know, came out 9 years before Fallout 1.

Little tip, take the 30 seconds it needs to google this stuff beforehand, so you don't look like an ignorant buffoon in the process.

spacedelete1204d ago

@Serg no need to be so freaking rude. jeez.

Ocsta1204d ago

Great, great game. I really hope console gamers give it a fair shake.

TheColbertinator1204d ago

Ouch. Wanted a late summer game to hold me over until MGSV. In any case I'm excited to play it again