Journey: A Game for the Ages

Life is a journey. In this crazy mess of unfulfilled chances, bumper to bumper traffic, important business meetings, late nights, awkward first kisses, internet overload and noise lies a beauty. A beauty that encompasses the joy of life. A joy of knowing that you do not have to go through life alone. So many of us face life head on and in a lone group of one. Life is not about problems to solve but is a reality to experience. And to experience it with someone else. To share your reality with someone can be a joy that nothing else can surpass. A tough thing to do is to convey this idea to the world. It will take more than just a few deep quotes.

Journey is a game that I think does this to near perfection. It takes the essence of our reality and presents it in a way where we can see it from the outside looking in. It takes all the noise and creates a symphony.

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