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A conversation about video gaming's greatest gunsmiths wouldn't be complete without mention of Guerrilla Games. The Amsterdam studio's Killzone series has always been anchored by the intense physicality of its weapons: their solid handling, their booming audio, the deliberate smack with which every bullet lands. They are true craftsmen, no doubt, though perhaps not the artists and inventors you find elsewhere in this subset of game design - the minds who cooked up the gravity and portal guns, the BFG and railgun, Titanfall's smart pistol, or the eccentric, asymmetric balance of the first Halo's weapon set. Those were guns that could change the world around you, or the way you interacted with it, or both.

Guerrilla may finally be ready to enter that company, however.

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SmokingMonkey1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I think Killzone is underrated. See Shadow Falls's Multiplayer Melee kills.

still unmatched from any other FPS.

Then there is the fact that in KZSF you can run and slide into cover, then while stuck in cover, blind fire with R2. Holding L2 "pops you up" out over cover, to fire while aiming, while in cover, in First Person.

My favorite FPS series.

Am I glad they went away from Killzone; Yes.

Do I want Killzone to come back; Very much Yes!

gijsbrecht1208d ago

I completely agree; the KZ games are my only choice when it concerns FPS nowadays. But it is nice to see what GG is capable of in a really open world setting. Until now it seems to be shaping up just great. The story of Horizon sounds intruiging, everything looks stunning and the combat so fluently and impactful for an open world rpg.

UltraNova1207d ago

KZ2 and Black (anyone remember that ps2 classic?) were the best fps games by far!

fanboysmackdown1207d ago

Shadowfall single player sucked....I liked 2 and 3.

slane31208d ago

guerrilla already said Killzone is not going anywhere. Guerrilla has multiple teams within the studio. Killzone is a awesome series.

chrisx1208d ago

Now this game is a Beauty

Sir_Simba1208d ago

I showed my brothers the trailer they were all like this

then they put money down for their ps4's.

DigitalRaptor1208d ago

Horizon was a system seller before it was even announced.

Such a desirable and impressive game, even in concept.

ClayRules20121208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I've personally always been bored with FPS games, but there's one exception, "Killzone"

Guerilla Games knows how to make a FPS game fun, intense, chaotic, engaging & visually stunning. Oh, can't leave out the fact that I was emotionally invested with the characters in KZ2. I feared for their lives. Ugh, miss that game.

I'm so excited to experience Horizon Zero Dawn, because it just looks bloody fantastic. Having said that, I still look forward to more Killzone in the future =)

Even though Killzone & Horizon are completely different games I believe Guerilla games's experience with Horizon can only mean great things going forward with Killzone.

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