Battleborn: Borderlands meets Evolve, with a pinch of Destiny - Pixel Vulture

Battleborn is Gearbox Software's latest creation. The team at Pixel Vulture got to spend a few hours with the game, this is what it plays like.

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Rachel_Alucard1206d ago

Kewl 3 bad games in 1. What could go wrong?

Repjaws1206d ago

All was good till you mentioned Destiny,you just had to mention Destiny,didn't ya?

Der_Kommandant1206d ago

That sounds very dangerous.

wakeNbake1206d ago

Thats a terrible combo.

Aenea1206d ago

Ehmmm, lemme guess, the story of Borderlands (good), the gameplay and visuals of Destiny (good) and the DLC of Evolve (bad!)??

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