5 Genres Made for Virtual Reality

GamerFitNation: Virtual Reality is still in its infancy, even though it has been tried a few times previously in video game history. But, until us consumers actually get our hands on some sweet virtual reality headgear and plug in for the first time, let’s take a look at the genres that will do the best in the realm of virtual reality. The genres that will do the best are most likely ones that have a first-person aspect or the ability to look at a game omnisciently without feeling like they’re in limbo.

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Venomousfatman1206d ago

I'm not a fan of VR just yet. Still a ways off.

amiga-man1206d ago

I don't agree with this at all, from what I understand of VR movement is the biggest issue, your mind struggles to process you moving without moving your legs and can rapidly lead to motion sickness, the best games are ones where you're still or seated Driving games would be a perfect fit, but piloting a space ship or plane would also do well in VR.

Horror is another genre that VR could excell if done thoughtfully and be a real game changer in that arena, FPS etc would struggle without solving the motion sickness problem

nowitzki20041206d ago

How do you know if you are a fan or not? Have you tried it? Own it or something? What are you judging it by?

Everyone I read about or seen videos of that has tried it absolutely loves it and says its the real deal... But Ill go off of the assumptions you have.

specialguest1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Seems like the writer has never tried VR before. FPS is not the best for VR at the present state. The games mentioned like COD would give immediate motion sickness due to the fast movements and accelerations. The best genre would be a cockpit type game whether its a racing, fighter pilot, or mech game.

Theres a theory that the cockpit prevents or significantly lessens motion sickness despite the accelerating speed, because of the stationary nature of the cockpit. It sorta gives a point of reference for your sight.

Relientk771206d ago

Portal in VR just makes sense