Daniel Bryan to promote WWE 2K16 at Gamescom

Neil writes "Not content with delivering one of the best Gamescom 2015 line ups, 2K have now confirmed that Daniel Bryan will be present at the show, helping hype the latest wrestling title just that little bit more."

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oKidUKo1207d ago

All I can say is... YES YES YES! Hopefully he'll be back in the ring soon.

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lashes2ashes1207d ago

Hopefully wwe's doctors clear him soon, his personal doctor already cleared him but they are not taking any chances with concutions any more.

BlackPanther1207d ago

I feel so out of place with Daniel Bryan. I don't really like his character or really think he is that appealing of a champion.

He has won against people he should have never which also annoys me.

I'm a big fan of guys like KO, Cesaro, Rollins, Rusev.

curtis921207d ago

DB pulled it off though. Sometimes guys are so good it's believable when they upset a bigger wrestler. HBK was one of those guys. It always looked like he was a split second from beating Undertaker. Plus there's always room in wrestling for that underdog role. But yes, those guys you mentioned are going places... unless, you know... vince....

spacedelete1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

watch his matches from Ring Of Honor. DB ain't some scrub or jobber who WWE randomly pushed. his better wrestler than 99%of the roster.

spacedelete1207d ago

you have no idea what your talking about. if you watched his matches he had in Ring Of Honor you would know this guy is the real deal.