Microsoft: We can ensure quality in Xbox Live Community Games

Microsoft has said it's confident it can ensure the quality of Xbox Live Community Games and that gamers will have the "best possible experience".

A Microsoft representative has contacted to respond to a blog post by former XNA community manager David Weller last week, which claimed the company wasn't doing enough to guarantee the quality in its Xbox Live Community Games.

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Hellsvacancy3518d ago

yeah just not your consoles

BLUR1113518d ago

SORRY. all the ps3 droids are sitting at home waiting .... and waiting .... for something to happen in there lives. So no reason for your gay sh*t to try to sound cool.

panasonic233518d ago

damn right i don't want no bs a$$ game now if only they just released dishwasher dead samurai i be very happy

JsonHenry3518d ago

Yes, but you also constrict your games online as well. I cant name my character whatever I want even though I selected the "underground" option for my type of person. Like with the PS3 my name is LONGDONGKILLA. That would never fly on your service... that you make me pay for!

I am done with XBL. I will never pay for that service again even if I do prefer the speed/services over the PSN. At least Sony lets me use my hardware that I paid for the way I want. And they let me do it for free.

Skerj3518d ago

All games need to be like The Dishwasher.

kewlkat0073518d ago

it's hard to limit other people creations and work. As long as MS is fair.

People submit Videos on Youtube and what such quality some vids

You don't want the game don't download it. If it doesn't get any hits after 2 months then you take it off.

azmanmanz3518d ago

Yeah.. Poor xbot get very poor quality console.. High defective rate ever in history for industrial manufacturing products.

BLUR1113518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

AAHH the life of a DRoid: Xbox 360 news

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