PS3's Backward Compatibility Issues Revealed!

This video truly is shocking. I can't believe how Sony can release their PS3 with backward compatibility issues as bad as this video shows. According to the information in the video, the horrible jaggies that show up when playing PS2/PS1 games are resized at a low resolution with no filtering at all and it can be fixed via a simple firmware upgrade, but, Sony refuses to acknowledge the issue because they don't believe enough users will notice.

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Monchichi0254359d ago

Over-rushed system!! No wonder there were heads cut off at the Sony headquarters. This system is a mess!!

tk4359d ago

Well - then the whole XB360 team must be canned because the BC is far worse...

power0919994359d ago

that this system was rushed.

Last I knew though, the 360 was having similar issues with backwards compatibility, but whose keeping track of that?

Either way if enough of a stink is put up, it will be fixed. I am in no hurry to play older games, I would rather have them work on the new games/features 1st.

That's just my opinion though. We all know where that will get me :).

blackmagic4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

The real question is 'Can Sony fix this in a timely manner?'. Sony displayed near 100% BC as a major feature so they need to fix this before things get worse in the community.
@1.1 tk - There are two major differences here,
First, MS never once promised 100% BC, they only promised they would work to get as many titles BC as possible. Sony did promise near 100% BC and it appears to be crap.
Second, on the xbox, games ran at 720x480 and the 360 takes those games and runs them at 1280x720 and does it with anti-aliasing turned on to boot. They are not upscaled. Ask anyone that has run a BC title on the 360, they look better than on the original xbox. I was very impressed by this when I bought my 360. I usually abandon last gen games but this felt like an upgrade, I still have 4 xbox titles in my collection.

timmyp534359d ago


uxo224359d ago

You know what? Just because the 360 has the same problem doesn't mean that it's okay for the PS3 to have it. After all, you keep saying that the PS3 is far superior, then if it is, why is it acceptable for it to have the same flaw as the so-call inferior 360.

Everytime someone brings something up your girlyboys start saying childish things like, "the 360 has it, but you're not complaining about that." STFU it is what it is. Take the good with the bad and stop pimping yourselves out to SONY. You're acting like little B!tch3s!

Silver3604359d ago

But at least the lower sku 360 doesn't downscale to 480p like both skus of the ps3

DEIx15x84359d ago

Has anyone ever thought that maybe Sony did this on purpose. This is pure genius of Sony. What is the best way to show users that there $600 purchase is an improvement? Show them that there old PS2 games looked terrible compared to the new PS3 ones.

96impala4358d ago

Man just say no..don't you know crack kills?

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Gears4359d ago

The PS3 is so awesome with so many features to list, too bad most of them don't work.


MicroGamer4359d ago

I was planning to get a PS3 originally for the backwards compatibility, but now I'm even more glad I changed my mind and got 360 instead. I'll be getting a new PS2 for all my old games that much sooner now that I see the difference and that will be my last Sony purchase for a long time.

power0919994359d ago

You were going to spend 600+ dollars, just for backwards compat.?


Ravenator5294359d ago

I am with you on that one power091999!

If your main reason for getting a PS3 is backwards compatability, then you need your head examined!

MicroGamer4359d ago

I wasn't going to spend $600 for the backwards compatibility. I was going to get a PS3 before the prices were announced. As soon as they announced the prices, I decided to get a 360 and a replacement PS2 instead.

power0919994359d ago

AH! Ok. That makes more sense now. I was thinking to myself that backwards compatiblity is just a BONUS.

Think about it years ago, when the only option you had was buy the new system, and hope that your old system didn't die.

Backwards compat. was not something the old systems had. I wouldn't put down the 360, or PS3 if it does not work. They didn't have to do this at all if they chose to.

We as gamers want this because it gives us added value for our money. I would never consider it something I NEED though.

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xfrgtr4359d ago

Microgamer,stop lying,youre getting a new ps2 for your old games?What about your old ps2?
you were planning to get a ps3 for the backwards compatibility?Strange.And you bought a 360 that has significant backwards compatibility;so Im assuming youre just making stories because youre a msfanboy

MicroGamer4359d ago

the laser doesn't read a lot of my discs anymore. Instead of getting a new PS2, I was originally going to get a PS3 instead. This was over a year ago. Then when all the Sh1t started hitting the fan and the price was announced, I said screw PS3. And yes, backwards compatibility was a big factor for me. I have hundreds of PS1 and PS2 games.

Funky Town_TX4359d ago

they look like crap on the PS2 and the ps3. Sony gamers never cared about gfx so what does it matter.

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