Rocket League recaptures the long lost fun of the 90's

Rocket League takes a page from the past and showcases how the multiplayer experience can be fun for everyone. We take a look at how the game adopts 90's style multiplayer and destroys modern day barriers to entry.

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uth111207d ago

it's true. It feels like we've lost many types of games with the idea today that everything needs to be shooter, racer, major sports franchise or platformer.

Thank God for indies for exploring lost ground...

styferion1206d ago

yeah, seeing as today multiplayer games tend to be serious competitive it's refreshing to play multiplayer just for fun and mayhem.
This is the first time in recent years seeing and doing bad moves actually bring fun.

G20WLY1206d ago

​The best fun is split screen multiplayer!

Not enough games do that these days. :(

Bolts1206d ago

Sony get a lot of crap for PS+ but they hit the lottery in this securing this game.

toddybad1206d ago

The reason it's fun is it is all about your own skill.
These days racing games give tons of options for buying new parts and doing up your cars so that the opposition either race miles ahead or fall miles back purely because it isn't a level playing field.
Shooters have load outs and give more experienced players better and better weapons so as well as having the most skill they also have the best items so, again, not a level playing field.
It's the reason I hate most multiplayer titles these days.
Rocket League, however, gives everybody exactly the same starting point with only the look changing player to player so your results and subsequent improvement are purely down to you. ALL multiplayer should work on this basis.