PS4 on track to beat PS2 as the best selling console ever

GamesRadar+ Says: If we weren't too grown up to be discussing console wars we'd probably be announcing a winner and holding up an awkwardly parallelogram shaped belt right about now. In its quarterly earnings Sony has reported sales of three million PS4s in the last three months, taking overall sales to an incredible 25.3 million consoles.

This figure positively sails past the two years and eight months it took for PS2 to reach 20 million. Given that the PS2 went on to being the biggest selling console ever with over 155 million sold, I'd say this is some positive news. Plus, due to dropping production costs on the console, Sony's profits have also soared 350% with a 12% uplift in sales from the same period last year.

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1205d ago
NatureOfLogic_1205d ago

PS4 is such a beast. So happy I own the dominating console this gen. The more PS4 dominates the competition the more diverse games we get. Competition is very good atm.

denawayne1205d ago

I'm still trying to wrap my head around as to why the PS4 is selling as well as it is. Yes it's a well designed machine but it really hasn't hit its stride to be a must have item yet. I've said before and will say again that the negative hype around the launch of the X1 and the price of the PS4 is what sold a ton of PS4's and not what really matters, games.

MysticStrummer1205d ago

@wayne - It's clearly a must have item for more people than other current gen consoles are, and if games really matter then it's fitting PS4 would be doing so well since it has more games to play.

q8kik1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Don't forget the fact that the PS4 actually has exclusives that you know stay exclusives.

6 vs 21 decent exclusives to be exact. That's a big difference.

The announcement of GOW on PC sealed the deal for me
I'm not getting an XBOX1 unless the next one is exclusive.

denawayne1205d ago

I think a lot of systems are being sold because of hype. I'm not talking about the gamers who know what they like and what they want. I'm talking about the consumer who walks into a store with disposable cash and is buying a product on pure hype. Similar scenario with Apple products imo.

Captain_TomAN941205d ago

@denawayne It's better than the xbox one in literally every way - including games. Why in the hell would it not smother it?

denawayne1205d ago

I never once said that it shouldn't be killing xbox 1. This article is talking about how the PS4 is on track to beat the PS2. I'm questioning why that is.

Also, saying the PS4 is better than the X1 in every way is just silly

UltraNova1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


"I'm still trying to wrap my head around as to why the PS4 is selling as well as it is. Yes it's a well designed machine but it really hasn't hit its stride to be a must have item yet"

You answered your own question. Everyone knows what it means when a Sony console hits its stride, quality exclusives upon quality exclusives without slowing down until the very end of the current console generation.

Couple that with a no nonsense games only attitude, known hardware reliability, PS+ and VR(that 'something new' factor may I say) and that's why my friend the PS4 is killing it and is poised to surpass the ps2.

extermin8or1205d ago

I think part of the reason it's outselling ps2 potentially is the gaming market is bigger than it was in those days, I think some people that had a wii 7/8 years ago have grown up/ gotten into gaming more and decided to buy a console and gone for ps4 - there are also plenty of people brought into gaming more by mobile phones etc. They start off as just casual gamers and slowly move into it. Having COD and Starwars battlefront advertising rights is going to do sony many favours this winter though...

bouzebbal1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

i'm so much looking forward to TGS. I expect a massive number of Jap games coming to PS4. It already started at last year's edition but 2015 will be the year of confirmation.
Great sales, mean more games!

Maddens Raiders1204d ago


Just stop typing dude.

MrSec841204d ago

@Gen: So fitting!!!

@denawayne: The core reason that Playstation home consoles always sell within the top tier is the sheer amount of diversity in the line-up of games, Sony quite literally makes sure that the widest range of customers are catered for.

As much as people have knocked them Indie games are really appealing, because they fill the major gaps you see in exclusives. Everyone knows that AAA titles take some time and we don't have the AA or A that we used to, but PS4 has those indie games and for the most part they've been really fun experiences.

Then you know that all of Sony's 1st party studios are ticking away, working on some special stuff, just like Horizon Zero Dawn or multiple rumored things like Bend's new IP or the huge new SCEJ exclusive.
People know from last generation that ND made special stuff like TLOU and Uncharted, Media Molecule revolutionized creative games and looks to be stepping beyond that with Dreams this gen, making an entire platform for digital creators to work with and consumers to experience all of that material.

The hardware is the best of the bunch of consoles, the controller is better to most people, the price of the system makes for a value option too.
The online is much improved, the OS is slick and fast, features like Spotify working as you use the system.

It has the best of 3rd party, running the best (which most gamers care for) and as I've said people know that Sony works to get a huge range of exclusives, which are truly exclusive.

Plenty of reasons and Sony still has the price card to play, with tonnes of surprises to unleash.
Not to forget that PS+ is the gift that keeps on giving!

Tonnes of reasons for those interested in buying a new console, Sony and their partners just keep adding to them as well!

DarkSniper1204d ago

Dark Sniper isn't surprised in the slightest about this. It's easy to see why the PlayStation®4 is on pace to become the highest selling console of all time. The PS2 became THE industry standard when it came to quality and quantity.

The PS4 has an upcoming library full of haymakers that will knock the competition out of the water. Within the next two years we will see games such as Street Fighter V, Shenmue III, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Uncharted 4 and many others that have yet to be announced.

If you want classics, PS4 is the place to be. It's a shame that the competition never had a chance. Congratulations Sony, you've successfully solidified yourself as the kings of gaming history with a 20 year championship reign and counting. Dark Sniper is glad to be a Sony gamer.


AndrewLB1204d ago

How do you guys figure the reason to PS4's success is exclusives when if you look at top 20 best selling games there are only 4 exclusives? Out of the top 30 there are a total of 6 PS4 exclusives?

Sorry to trouble the hype machine with actual facts, but most of you guys are clueless.

The PS4 sold so well because of brand loyalty, lower price, faster hardware, and the endless amount of sh*t talk on the competitions product.

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Crazyglues1205d ago

Sony deserves their spot as the number one selling console....

-Because they did something most companies never do, they asked consumers what they want, and then they gave it to them...

Consumers said, "I want it to be fast, I want it to have insane graphics, More ram more powerful then PS3 make it on the level of a high-end PC and then make it not cost a lot.... LoL (two things that could never go together high-end PC and cheap) But they did it...

And they listen to everything, make the controller better make the U.I. much faster... make my games load quick, add tons of improvement over the life of the system, keep making it better..

and they did... (and most important, don't rob me, just because you can, make the value really worth it's price) if you give me a service, make it worth it... PSN sub..(I don't know about you but I can't complain about that awesome service, online chat, free games every month)

Sony has gone above and beyond with the PS4.. and I'm happy to be an Owner, they did an amazing job.

It really is an Amazing System. Well built, more then worth it's $399 price and it's been an absolute blast to play on.. I love my PS4.

Satyre281205d ago

Only thing about the PS4 I truly dislike is the controller. Talk about one piece of garbage, I'm sorry but it is, my joystick rubbers are falling off, the bumpers get stuck, and omg the battery life is atrocious. I wish they would of put a bit more effort into the controller, other than that the PS4 is a beast.

donthate1205d ago


"Only thing about the PS4 I truly dislike is the controller. Talk about one piece of garbage, I'm sorry but it is, my joystick rubbers are falling off, the bumpers get stuck, and omg the battery life is atrocious. I wish they would of put a bit more effort into the controller, other than that the PS4 is a beast."

But, but, but Sony listens to the gamers!

Meanwhile, the LED is still annoying the sh!t out of me and I cannot turn it off!!! X(

I could keep going, but no company is perfect.

Crazyglues1205d ago

@ Satyre28

I'm sorry to hear that, it sounds like you had one of the launch controllers, those had a problem but were under the one year warranty..

I had the same problem with it peeling, called Sony and they gave me the address to send them in and both of my controllers were fixed with the new thumbsticks that don't peel..

They basically sent me new controllers.. been awesome ever since... (maybe your still covered, can't hurt to call just to see)

Sony -->800 345-7669

I paid $5 bucks to ship them (need to send it signed mail and it took about 2 weeks)

Anyway good luck player, hope it works out.

KilluaX31205d ago

Um... PS4 is not on high-end PC level. Not even close. If it was, the games would run at least at locked 30fps.

ABizzel11205d ago


Agree with most of your points, but PS4 was not on par with high end gaming PC. A high end gaming laptop yes at the time of it's release, but not a PC.

There are still things Sony can do better, but overall the PS4 just gets everything right.

TheViltsuZ1205d ago

PS4 is on low-mid gaming PC level. It's still a great console though. I'm not hating.

bradleejones1205d ago

Sounds like someone hasn't discovered electrical tape...

(But seriously, they said the light is required for Morpheus. I hope they jus up the mAh of the battery, honestly)

bradleejones1205d ago

Sounds like someone hasn't discovered electrical tape...

(But seriously, they said the light is required for Morpheus. I hope they just up the mAh of the battery, honestly)

Crazyglues1205d ago

@ ABizzel1

At the time it came out, I wouldn't disagree with you, but high-end PC has a lot of range.

at that time I think we were just getting GTX680 and that card was a beast but it cost more then the entire PS4

and at that time 8GB GDD5 memory is on par with a high-end PC with 6GB 7970 card.. it all depends on what you are calling high-end...

Remember not super PC just a little better then a Good Avg PC.. so High-end for that time, 2013 nothing close to $399 could hang with a PS4

But yeah I see your point it all depends on what we are calling high-end.

MikleDemi1205d ago

"High end PC"
Can I buy some of your pot? The PS4 is based on the same architecture that they put in high end tablets and low end laptops....
Seriously, do your research on the AMD APU that is running this thing before talking nonsense.

I love my PS4, but I don't see it playing games at 3840 by 2160, all at a smooth 60fps... And that is on my MID range PC.

So please stop spreading nonsense that the PS4 is a high end PC. That is the same b.s. that GameStop is pushing and its it's completely false.

Vegamyster1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

"more powerful then PS3 make it on the level of a high-end PC and then make it not cost a lot...."

"and at that time 8GB GDD5 memory is on par with a high-end PC with 6GB 7970 card.. it all depends on what you are calling high-end..."

That's a very misleading argument, a GTX 970 with 3.5 RAM is considered overkill for 1080p 60 fps with the settings cranked let alone 1080p 30 fps with settings toned down.

The PS4 has 8 GB GDDR5 for the whole system, PC's have a mixture of DDR3 & GDDR5 and typically it's not really a big deal. 6/8GB of DDR3 & 3GB of VRAM is more then enough for 1080p gaming. You'll only need more 3GB GDDR if you want 1440P+ or 4k texture pack mods for Skyrim ect.

Digital Foundry has plenty of videos showing a GTX 750 TI paired with low & higher end CPU's and across the board it's about the same as a PS4.

MysticStrummer1205d ago

"they did something most companies never do, they asked consumers what they want, and then they gave it to them…"

Not only consumers, but also developers.

IamTylerDurden11205d ago

@ vegamyster

Now ur misleading ppl bc the PS4 has 8gb of GDDR5 and at least 2gb of DDR3 as well. So ur wrong. The 2gb of DDR3 supposedly help with background DL/installs and the OS.

Because of the 2gb of DDR3 it allows 1gb of GDDR5 that normally would be dedicated to the OS to be flexible memory and if developers need to they can use it for games. The 1gb of flexible memory has barely been touched so far, meaning the PS4 has a lot more potential than ppl think.

MikleDemi1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


Look at the spec sheet from Sony.
8GB of RAM... Not 10.

Stop spreading false info.

Dark_Overlord1205d ago

"Now ur misleading ppl bc the PS4 has 8gb of GDDR5 and at least 2gb of DDR3 as well. So ur wrong. The 2gb of DDR3 supposedly help with background DL/installs and the OS."

"Look at the spec sheet from Sony.
8GB of RAM... Not 10."

I can see where the confusion is arising. The PS4 has 8 GigaBytes of GDDR5 Ram as it's main system memory, however the secondary ARM processor has 2 GigaBits (256 MegaBytes) of GDDR3 RAM solely dedicated to it.


AndrewLB1204d ago


The GTX 750ti was released a month after PS4 and for $130 was faster than PS4. In mid-2013 you could have bought a GTX 760 for $200 which destroys the PS4.

The GTX 680 you mention is over 2x as powerful as a PS4 and was released in March, 2012.

And what you said about 8gb DDR5 being equal to a 6gb 7970 is complete nonsense. The 7970 has 288gb/s memory bandwidth, roughly 3x the PS4. It's closer to a 2gb HD7850.

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chrisx1205d ago

Playstation Nation world Domination

1205d ago
kenshiro1001204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

@ dewayne: Sony was better prepared, that's why the PS4 is selling well. Microsoft should have never mentioned DRM policies - that's what killed their sales in the first place.

TheTwelve1204d ago

And the heavy hitters haven't even come out yet.

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suckingeggs1205d ago

Just need their first party to get cracking.. Then we'll see

2016 looks like the start

Rimeskeem1205d ago

If this isnt the PS4 doing its best I am sort of scared to see it when the first party games start arriving every month.

pivotplease1204d ago

I hope Uncharted 4 has all the sales. If not that, you know TLoU2 is going to break stores. Then there's all of these JRPGs. I hope they get localized.

MRMagoo1231205d ago

We don't need to see , it has already been seen it's already selling fast enough to do it, all that will happen when they start releasing the games every one is wanting is they will hit the mark faster than they are already.

bradleejones1205d ago

They will. They haven't been idle. I think a lot of it is because of Morpheus. They can't show the games until they properly show the system.

BlackPanther1205d ago

I think the big thing with the PS2 is that it sold 40M+ after the PS3 came out. For the PS4 to reach 150M+ they would have to continue to sell like hotcakes after the PS5 comes out.

But with competition from the Xbox One and the future NX it will be hard as in those days there was little competition. Will be interesting.

FallenAngel19841205d ago

NX is definitely not going to be a threat to PS4, the same way the Wii wasn't a threat to PS2.

As for X1, PS4 already has 50% of the market without having a price cut. It shipped more last quarter than twice the combined total of 360 and X1. Safe to say Microsoft won't pose much of a threat to Sony's long term appeal of their console.

Ck1x1205d ago

The way that the NX could be a major threat to ps4 is if Nintendo is targeting a mass market appeal. That will be the final crowd that Sony needs to catch PS2 numbers.

nitus101205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Actually the Wii was standard definition only which puts it in the PS2 graphics capability. The PS3 and the XBox360 could output to 1080p.

What made the Wii sell so well was the fact that it appealed to the so called casual gamer who appeared to like the remote like controller which if you do a simple search was quite good at destroying HDTV's if the wrist strap was not used.

The proposed Nintendo NX really needs to come close to or better than the performance of the PS4 if it is going to compete in the HD console market.

sammarshall1021205d ago

It'll be near impossible for the PS4 to reach PS2 numbers with the tough competition from Microsoft and Nintendo

xHeavYx1205d ago

Tough competition? Where?

Paleblood1205d ago

Right now the PS4 does not have a tough competition. Xbox One is competing to be above the xbox 360 and Nintendo is weak on the console market.

We have to see what Nintendo will bring.

Rookie_Monster1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Dude..the XBOX original sold like 25 million lifetime and the Gamecube sold like 20 million lifetime. The fact that the XB1 is on track to exceed the X360 numbers and the NX will most likely return Nintendo to at least N64 era numbers, since it is looking like a serious console unlike the Wii U...The PS4 won't get anywhere near 150 million. The competition is tougher this time and there is no way the PS4 will have as long a life to try to dublicate selling 40 million consoles after the PS3 came out like the PS2 did.

But it will be over 100 million easily and will definitely be the top dog of this gen..which is what it will be

xHeavYx1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Didn't know that you could tell the future. Your post is just speculation.

Rookie_Monster1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


Everything is just speculation at this point, so you are correct sir. :)

I remember in 2009, articles like this came out.
Engadget: Wii on track to beat PS2, PS3 selling like GameCube

Neither of those 2 prediction came true but since both the X360 and PS3 eventually ended up at over 80 million a piece, that must have affected the projected trend of the WII breaking the PS2 record. I am just using that as a historical reference to project my own prediction, so take that as you will.

pivotplease1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

As a PS fanboy I agree. Expect the X1 to still hitbetween 80 and 90M lifetime sales. And who knows about Nintendo's two systems. That right there plus the mobile games market raking in casuals is a lot more competition than the PS2 ever had to deal with. I still think PS4 will match it though once the really big games come.

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magiciandude1205d ago

There is more competition from MS this time around than the Xbox Original/PS2 days. That said, PS4 is also currently Sony's best selling console. PS2 sold like over 100 million in over 10 years? PS4 already broke like 20-25% of that in less than two years. The gaming community has also grown in size since the PS2 era.

pivotplease1204d ago

Yeah we're at 25% and a year and 8 months where to match PS2 linearly it would have to be the same sales and two and a half years passed. By then PS4 will easily be at 35M+.

miyamoto1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

You have a point there mate.
Microsoft has a Market Cap of $380.61 B
Nintendo has a Market Cap at $24 B
Sony has a Market Cap of $34.54 B

Isn't that pretty exciting? I love underdogs winning against the top dogs.
This is why Sony is in super competitive mode every second. They cannot give MS an inch of an advantage or else PlayStation is toast.

The PlaySaviour 4 is guaranteed to exceed the mighty PS2.

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Erik73571205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I feel like something is gonna throw the ps4's momentum.....ever since the launch day of ps4 there has been so much hype for it....but it has not delivered on any "WOW" games or system uncharted,last guardian,or zero dawn........The order 1886 was supposed to be that but failed ....I feel like the ps4 can only last on momentum for so long and I feel 2015 Q3-Q4 sales are gonna be below expectations just because a gamer is gonna say "Wait a second, Uncharted is not out yet until 2016!"

And it doesn't help when Microsoft actually has their shit together and actually has a system seller coming out in 2015, Halo.

Maybe I'm wrong and Sony won't suffer in 2015 and might be saved by the marketing deals of Battlefront 3 and Black ops 3.....

xHeavYx1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Yeah, you sell 25 million consoles on hype alone....
And Yeah, Halo is gonna make all the difference...

donthate1205d ago

MS is hitting all the strides, and Sony is still selling on hype fumes from launch. Sure that will continue, but I think the tides are starting to align for Xbox One as it is doing better and better, and that means stronger competition.

Sony better start delivering something else than resolution and overhyped games.

xHeavYx1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Hitting all the strides? How? By launching exclusives only during the Holidays (The last non-Indie exclusive launched in November 2014)
Sony overhypes their games? Lol.
Take off your fanboy blinds and have a serious discussion, instead of insulting the competition with no facts.

Erik73571205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I'm saying there's not a first party system seller for 2015 for sony but Microsoft has a system seller for 2015...sorry for pointing that out to you.
It might make a difference because Sony wont be having a Uncharted in 2015 or any big title to go up against Halo.....

Oh and the hate towards halo in your reply,fun fact....halo 4 was the worst halo yet it sold 9.5 million units outselling any sony before you say halo doesn't have a impact, you either live under a rock or just spewing fanboyish hatred towards a Microsoft IP....halo has the same impact of games like call of duty and grand theft sony title comes close to it's sales.

Is there anyone that is neutral on the site? Cause every person who reply's to my comment is either biased towards Sony or Microsoft, I feel like I'm talking to 13 year olds

And a reply to your comment towards donthate....Microsoft has been doing good lately....with 360 backwards compatibility, bringing their games to PC, and updating and overhauling the UI for xbox one....a lot of love for gamers.

And for the first time in years I feel Sony should take a note on what they are doing.

xHeavYx1205d ago

Dude, get your facts straight.
First of all, I said that one game, Halo or not, won't make that big of a difference.
Second, the worst Halo is the first one, that sold 6.3m,and the best one is Halo 3,that sold 11.8m.
You say those games outsold Sony IPs?
How about Gran Turismo 3 at 14.9m?

Yeah, I'm the "fanboy",but I have my facts right.

extermin8or1205d ago

Sony have the marketing deal for Black ops 3 AND star wars battlefront AND assassins creed AND Destiny: The Fallen King AND MGSV... So to the average consumer all they are gonna see is ps4, ps4, ps4. In the UK at least the ps4 and xbox one are pretty similar prices atm infact i think the ps4 is coming with more games in bundles for the price so there is that. Then they may not have any 1st party exclusives however no mans sky is meant to be being released soon and they will push that as ps4 console exclusive plus they will likely push the uncharted collection seeing as ALOT of ps4 owners haven't/ never had ps3's. They've already had games like the order and bloodborne this year- I don't see how the sbox one is catching up at all? The gap has widened in sales to the ps4 basically having sold DOUBLE the xbox one figures.... The xbox had better sales in like 1 month out of the last 12 in the USA and worldwide I don't think it's had better monthly sales than ps4-ever.