NVIDIA Geforce 353.62 WHQL Driver Released, Game Ready Driver For Windows 10

NVIDIA has released a new driver for its graphics cards. This new WHQL driver is marked as a “Game Ready” driver for Microsoft’s newly released OS, Windows 10. In addition, this driver adds/updates a number of SLI profiles.

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1nsomniac1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Windows 10 already picked it up & installed it in the background for me. Only game I've come across so far that's having issues with this & Windows 10 is Insurgency.

Although the OS is very smooth/fast & gaming wise there is a very minor unexpected performance boost generally all round since the upgrade. I seem to be having a lot of new lag problems within online games. I'm assuming it's due to the sheer amount of personal data it's collecting & sending to Microsoft in the background. I've only been gaming with it over the last 24 hours so perhaps all the games I've been playing all have server stress. Although I'm also seeing this lag when browsing using the new Edge browser. Chrome is fine.

Not related to Win 10 but my ISP speedtest is actually showing very good performance today which runs out the chance that the lag is caused by my network.

Few strange things though. Win 10 registers I have a 4.4Ghz i5 but if you go deeper into windows management it claims it to be 6.6Ghz (I wish). Basic Microsoft performance management shows no data passing through your network even when online gaming or streaming. However if you go deep into network management it shows correct data passing. The worrying bit being even after I've hunted my damned hardest to find & switch off ALL of Microsoft's spying techniques & not doing anything online there's still loads of minor data packets being sent & received other than the usual AV products etc.

Shuckylad1207d ago

Thanks for the info, I'm unsure whether to take the plunge yet or wait a while.

Eyesoftheraven1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

The thing that bothers me the most is very minor, relatively. It was an issue in Windows 8 and 8.1 too. If I hit Start > Restart, then the task manager will say the boot time was something insane like 14,000 seconds. Yes fourteen thousand. If I shut down and power up, then it reports correctly at 18 - 25 seconds.

The new task view is awesome for multi monitor setups. I have four monitors and one of them (the HDTV) is off most of the time so certain programs sometimes like to open up on it even when off; task view allows me to bring it to my working monitors without turning that monitor on.

Another great thing is that with multi monitors, my mouse doesn't get snagged on the edges anymore because Windows Apps open in their own windows rather than as a full-screen instance.

Haven't played any games yet but all my Adobe video editing programs seem to work just as well as with 8.1. (Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder, etc.)

i7-3930k, GTX 780 Ti, 16 GB DDR3, Samsung 850 Pro 256 for OS and programs, Samsung 850 Evo 256 for whatever I want, 4 TB Raid-0 HDD for editing, 3 TB HDD for games, Asus Sabertooth x79 MB.

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Ashlen1207d ago

Well, just as a suggestion and probably late, but in Windows 7 you can always click the program on the start bar then hit "windows button + arrow key" to move the program between windows.

Eyesoftheraven1207d ago

Wow. Face palm. Sometimes I feel so stuuuupid. lol.