Rumour: Grow Home Rooting Down on PS4

Push Square: "Grow Home, the quirky plant-based platformer from Driver developer Ubisoft Reflections, looks like it will be taking seed on the PlayStation 4 soon. A video promoting the system's new Vote to Play feature included the title alongside Zombie Vikings and Armello, and while it may be there merely for illustrative purposes only, we'd be surprised if Sony promoted a release not coming to its platform."

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Germany71209d ago

The game looks interesting, would love a PS4 version.

S2Killinit1209d ago

Like this type of games as filler. Bring it.

ChronoJoe1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Looks quite fun. I'm not a fan of the animation style though. They label it as 'procedural animation' but it just looks clumsy.

It wouldn't be so bad if his body parts weren't clipping through himself, or seemingly glitching out constantly. It doesn't look good in that regard.

My fiance who's a 3D animated didn't understand it either. She suggested that perhaps the studio doesn't have any staff who can keyframe animate, so they coded an animation solution and labelled it as procedural animation. I've seen the term procedural animation used before, but never to any positive effect on a game, in my opinion.

That said, I do like the look of the game. Looks like it could be entertaining.