Mortal Kombat vs DC gameplay

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe got a long gameplay video commented by Ed Boon for the Comic Con, and despite the still rather wooden animation, it doesn't look bad at all.

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coolfool3492d ago

Not sure how well this will actually play but some of the special moves look fun and interesting to use. But would this be a 5 minute gimmick which you'd get bored of or does it actually make for a good game?

gamerosity3492d ago

When they first announced this, I was skeptical. But as I see more of the game, I'm somewhat excited about the possibilities. Graphics are fantastic, and some of the different types of fighting seem interesting and may be truly innovative (we'll see once released).

But it seems to be a throwback in some respects as far as the fighting goes, and if it can recapture the spirit that made Mortal so fun to play back in the beginning, then it will be a success to me.

kapedkrusader3492d ago

How many times will they keep posting this same video?

Millah3491d ago

I'm so excited for the return to the classic 2D MK gameplay. I never really liked the recent MK games with the multiple fighting styles, but this looks awesome a true return to former MK glory.