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Adam Cook: "A Knight to Remember is a wonderful, mostly self-enclosed story that leaves you looking forward to the next chapter – it’s one that feels as though it came at just the right time. Ignoring the gritty, violent nature that most others are chasing, King’s Quest is a whimsical, aesthetically pleasing, funny take on a genre that is all about the characters. For our childhoods indeed, and long may it continue, as this is one nostalgic journey that’s well worth it."

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Grap1205d ago

This game is good, only problem i had the mid chapter pacing is slow.

Grown Folks Talk1205d ago

Did you get the complete version? If so, were you able to choose the epilogue to play, or only chapter one?

Grap1205d ago

Only Chapter one, I think epilogue will be after Chapter five.

Ozmoses1205d ago

yeah Epilogue is at the end.. Prologue is at the beginning