PlayStation Vita’s Saucy Exclusive Criminal Girls 2 Unveiled with First Screenshots and Trailer

Topday Nippon Ichi Software fully unveiled the sequel of the its saucy “punishment game” Criminal Girls, aptly titled Criminal Girls 2. The game will be released in Japan exclusively for PS Vita on November 26th.

Warning: mildly NSFW, with scenes of soft BDSM on anime ladies.

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bOObies1209d ago

That picture is not fair... :D How can you not approve..

MeteorPanda1209d ago ShowReplies(2)
Apoca1ypse1209d ago

Don't censor this time plz

Scatpants1209d ago

If it's censored like the last time its a hard pass for me.

Nonscpo1208d ago

Interesting, wonder if this title will make it over here too?