Sony: PS4 Sales "Progressing Very Smoothly," "High Expectations" for PSN, PS3 Not as Bad as Expected

After releasing its earnings statement early this morning, Sony hosted a financial call for Japanese investors and analysts related to the first quarter of fiscal year 2015. During the call, Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida provided more color about performance and expectations for the PlayStation business.

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FallenAngel19841207d ago

The headline makes me question how badly they expected PS3 to perform. I wish Sony would just give us numbers of how much PS3 has sold to this day.

Kribwalker1206d ago

They are not giving official numbers because they are in third for last gen. MS said they hit 84 million last June with the Xbox 360, Sony said they hit 100million combined with the PS4 Vita and PS3 in July last year, which the PS4 was at 10 million in August, and the vita was surely more the 6.5million worldwide which pine them down at less then 84 million at that time.

KingofGambling1206d ago

ps3 isn't third from last gen.

Kribwalker1206d ago

Show me something more concrete then this for sales numbers then

So last numbers given from Sony relative to PS3 was 80 million in November 2013. Then Ms announced 84 million 360 in June 2014

Then a month later Sony announced 100 million combined PS3 ps4 vita and 10 million ps4. So 90 million combined PS3 and vita. How many vitas sold?

dantesparda1206d ago

Really, you think Sony doesn't want to show the numbers because they are behind by a mere 500k in the last gen? I don't know, sounds kind of feable in my mind. But then again, what do I know about how this sh't really works.

Aenea1206d ago

They expected it to drop more since the PS4's launch than it has as stated in the article...

Nothing to do of how they expected the PS3 to perform through the years...

freshslicepizza1206d ago

good news all around (aide from no mention at all about vita) but when are we going to here more commitments to improve the psn network?

TWB1206d ago

I do wonder how Vita/TV has been doing recently. The TV's price is pretty much permanently 50-60€ in most places and it appears to go occasionaly on 30€ sale (I just bought mine for 28). Last time it was in such a sale, the store ran out of stocks but they have since refilled (which surely means that theres still some demand for the machine).

I mean, if the original 50% off sale on Amazon increased PS TV sales by something like 1100%, I wonder how well its now doing

MegaRay1206d ago

I wanna know Vita sales too. Wish Sony is honest when it came to Vita. I mean its like they're embarrassed of the vita. Even tho it sold more than WiiU.

TWB1206d ago

Well I think they kinda are, partly their fault because they didnt just name it PSP2 which would have had a much greater mass appeal. It was largely the same issue withg WiiU when they just didnt name it differently. Alot of (casual) people just thought WiiU was a accessory to the original Wii.

Besides, Sony cant rely on selling plastic toys to make some quick cash.

I just hope that if they ever make another handconsole, they would also make a "PS TV" style variation of it. I think that sort of micro console is a very interesting concept

medman1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

They're giving away ps tv's here in the US if you buy a new's in the bundle, and if you buy it standalone the price has fallen to around 39 dollars, and it has remained at that price for quite some time.

TWB1206d ago

Just better for Vitas install base. Just makes me wonder if they are trying to spread the PS TV as widely as possible or they are trying to get rid of the stocks. They just need to support both of the systems better for example, with unique UI's for both of them.

Its still interesting that Vita hasnt dropped price at all. I would have thought that they would have dropped the price to 150 by now.