This War of Mine – An Experience

"This War of Mine is not glorious, nor is it satisfying. It is real. War is what makes us into the creatures we’ve chosen not to be in order to exist for one more day.

11 a.m. – Only five days have passed since war decimated our city. The first few scavenging trips were successful, but the supplies didn’t last long and I only found food enough for two people. One of us won’t eat until tomorrow. There’s little we can do during the day except for sleep and upgrade our equipment… well, what little we can upgrade. Tonight has to be a big score otherwise we’ll be in serious trouble. Our one saving grace is that the weather is still warm.

8 p.m. – It’s time to prepare for the night ahead – and in that darkness, monsters lurk. We have only one crowbar, a shovel and a lock-pick. I leave the only weapons we have with Pavle and Bruno and set off toward the “quiet house” hoping I’ll encounter no obstacles. I don’t have long." - GameSpew

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