Space siege demo now available

Exclusive playable demo of Space siege is now available to download from nzone

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Winter47th3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

I downloaded it but i keep getting these error messages, first it said there was a problem with my .NETFramework, k, uninstalled it, then it says i have memory issues, WTF alright I do some googling to find out i need to reinstall the latest .NETFram..etc, now I'm downloading it, again.

Man, it's hard to be a PC gamer these days, it's getting lame everytime a new game/demo's released i have to update every damn driver in my rig :\

Edit: oh that's great, the new .NETFr..etc's busted, **** this I'm going back to COD4.

frostquake3704d ago

Sega has a bad track record with Demo's screwing up some PC's, So do a System restore point before installing the Demo, it will keep you from pulling out your hair, I learned this with Sega's Universe at War...My PC hated that Game...bought it on the fine on the console, just not all the lovely options you get with keyboard and meese.

frostquake3704d ago

Where the Heck are the Mini Specs for this Game?

Winter47th3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Yeah i can't find specs of it either, man this one's a goner.

Anyways, was able to play it after I exited STEAM 'WTF', was pretty boring, played rather bland, no gore, no blood, comic-like animations, camera angles are absolutely terrible.

frostquake3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Gotta love loves to snuff out new games that are not on its service. Steam hated the demo of Universe at War too, had to close Steam down with it as well.

fllysurfer3704d ago

Downloaded ... and uninstalled...finished demo in 5 min.

fermcr3704d ago

Small demo... but nice. Not a graphics powerhouse, but the game seemes nice.