Xbox chief hopes Halo: The Master Chief Collection will boost China console sales

SHANGHAI — If anyone can help Microsoft be more successful with its Xbox One game console in China, maybe it will be Master Chief.

Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer opened the ChinaJoy game trade expo with an announcement that the flagship title Halo: The Master Chief Collection will debut in August on the Xbox One in the Chinese market. That will be the first time that a Halo game has officially launched for a console in China.

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suckingeggs1205d ago

I think feel they are banging their heads against a wall.. So that's why they said this

Saying that.. Rpgs didn't save 360 in Japan last gen... I think there comes a time to call it day..i never agree with giving up but the Asian market just do not like xbox

SaveFerris1206d ago

I thought China would censor military-type fps games?

Sureshot1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Well they're not killing humans :P

Rimeskeem1206d ago

are you talking about Halo or China? if Halo arent Spartans human?

Sureshot1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Talking about halo lol and more specifically the campaign i.e killing aliens

TwoForce1206d ago

The only FPS Chinese Gamer played is Counter Strike knock off. It like counter strike but it free to play.

FallenAngel19841206d ago

Halo isn't as big a franchise in Asia as it is in the western market. Don't put all your eggs in one basket Microsoft.

StrayaKNT1206d ago

That doesn't mean that it cant build a fan base anywhere else. If I lived in China and I played halo, I would be a fan straight away. Halo is just that type of game.
No matter how much people talk about halo, anyone who has played it and played online will know It is the best fps out there when comes to both campaign and multiplayer.

WildArmed1206d ago

The problem is that it's an FPS.

The market just isn't there. MMOs / mobile games are the biggest things in China ATM.

FallenAngel19841206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Halo has had more than a decade in Asia to be a big franchise in the region. Its really unlikely that a collection of the previous installments. Not just because of what type of game it is, but also because its exclusive to a platform that doesn't do remarkable well in Asian markets. If Microsoft wants to do better in China, it needs to garner more titles that specifically cater to the Asian market. What works in one region won't work in every region in the world.

For example Sony knows Uncharted and God of War are big in the western market, but they know it can't rely on those franchises to solely carry the PS brand in Asia. They have the foresight to also focus on a diverse amount of other franchises to help them succeed in various different demographics and markets. Microsoft should've already learned this by now instead of following the same flawed line of thinking over and over again.

ps360s1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Halo has it's fans in asia but not to the degree that it will sell millions there

Halo is one of the best fps and I agree to that (it did path the way for Xbox)

krypt19831205d ago

Halo is huge over there that's why they are making a halo free to play game for asia only

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TwoForce1206d ago

Oh, I don't know about this.

ScorpiusX1206d ago

Congrats to Xbox at Chinajoy and here's to everything working out .

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