First Soul Calibur 4 Video Review

The first video review of Soul Calibur 4 has surfaced.

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C_SoL3641d ago

i'll be picking this up later.

sonarus3641d ago

lol wow video reviews from youtube users count now. Two thumbs up for N4G

Fishy Fingers3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

"N4G" didn't approve it, users did. Blame them.

sonarus3641d ago

@Fishy. Unfortunately, N4G is run by the users so we are N4G

InMyOpinion3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I reported it as "lame" but I guess the approvers think it's a top notch youtube review. Since hiphopgamer is being approved there's really not much point keeping the report system.

"And there's this other thing...Tower something...I forgot but anyways...".

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sushipoop3641d ago

uh why was this approved? it's a youtube video lol.

Jamaicangmr3641d ago

Ok first of this series started on the Playstation with Soul Blade. Second the soul gauge isn't new either well maybe the actual gauge is new but your weapon takin damage and breakin mid fight was also there in the original "Soul Blade" For the Playstation.

I'll forgive him because as he said he's not a hugh fan of figthers and most like him tend to no know the true history of the Soul Calibur series.

However all in all it was a good review i like his break down very professional. Can't wait for my copy to fackin get here.

3641d ago
InMyOpinion3641d ago

Soul Blade/Edge started on arcades, then was converted to PS1. That's right.

Soul Calibur started on the Dreamcast.

Hot_tea3641d ago


Soul Calibur also started life in the arcades, and was then made for Dreamcast. (which was a better version as well)

KidMakeshift3641d ago

That's one ghetto a$$ review

Kolemar3641d ago

Better pick this one up. It looks awesome.
Really need a good fighting game..

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The story is too old to be commented.