Transform Into Creepy Skinny Mario in Super Mario Maker

In upcoming platformer Super Mario Maker on Wii U, a special Mushroom item can transform Mario into a creepy-looking skinny Mario.

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R00bot1209d ago

That's creepy, but I hope they continue to add new things to the game that weren't in previous Mario games. Also, slopes please! The slide is one of Mario's biggest moves.

LonDonE1208d ago

No man, thats just all kinds of wrong!!
Creepyy as hell lol

wonderfulmonkeyman1208d ago

Slender Mario.
This is gonna turn into a meme, I can feel it...

wonderfulmonkeyman1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Browser wonked out and did a double post on me. Just ignore my blooper, here...

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