arstechnica | Xbox on Windows 10: What it is, what it isn’t, and what’s missing

"Throughout the 8-ification of Windows, Microsoft clearly failed to endear its OS to PC gamers. Above all else, Window 8's root-level Windows Store, and its unclear messaging on how it would coexist with other gaming software, was so bad that it lit a fire under Gabe Newell's ass to create an entirely new, competing OS built off of Steam."

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4Sh0w1208d ago

Just got it on my new laptop....dam I love it already, its nice I can go to my closet and play Sunset Overdrive in peace. lol

Death1208d ago

I was just doing the same thing. A little bit of stuttering in the audio. I'll reboot my network tomorrow and see if I can optimize it a bit. So far I am impressed with Windows10 on my Surface Pro. I'm still not sure if I will download on my gaming rig right away.

Anomander1208d ago

Did you check your streaming settings? There are 3 options there Low, Medium and High. If it was on High, drop down to Medium and see if that fixes the audio stuttering.

I did a clean install of Win 10 Pro and checked out the streaming feature. Played Destiny with my Level 8 Titan and ran through a whole mission. No stuttering or input lag during the whole mission. Very satisfied with how it played.

The other test I did was played a game of FIFA 15 against my son. He was in the living room and I was in the office and it worked just fine. He was on his profile and I was on mine. It was fun yelling back and forth since it reminded me of my college days and
playing Duke Nukem and yelling down the hall or next room rubbing their death in.

FamilyGuy1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

It sounds like a free-to-play version of an OS, or the intent is there, lying in wait.

The gaming functions sound great though, I'm considering installing it but I don't want to get ads integrated into my actual OS some day. That solitaire crap has me worried :/

kstuffs1208d ago

That solitaire crap has been there since Windows 8.

FamilyGuy1208d ago

Solitaire with ads or the ability to remove the ads by paying a monthly fee?
It's amazing that it's free but that direction annoys me.

TXIDarkAvenger1208d ago

You can remove the ads (as well as any ads in the windows store/ apps) by editing the host file.