Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Possible, Capcom Asks Gamers' Opinion About It

It appears that the fan-made remake of Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 2 Reborn, forced Capcom to officially reveal interest in remaking it.

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gangsta_red1206d ago

Make the remake in the same way you did the original RE on GC (and other systems) and I will be a fan. In all honesty I would rather see a remake of this series than a RE 7. As long as they keep the original concept of RE 2 in the mind for the remake and don't make it an action game.

Kleptic1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

While i totally understand what both of you are saying, I can't say it would really work...

nostalgia does funny things. Have either of you played RE2 recently (not an accusation, just a question)...I actually did, still have my PS1 copy that works in my PS3. This drought of games on what seems like all platforms does that occasionally...

and it wasn't what i 'remembered' that i mean I could still recognize why its one of my all time favorite games...but I can't lie that it felt EXTREMELY dated in mechanics...So much so that i sort of began to realize that RE1 and 2 introduced things that i actually despise now.

The only reason those games were scary was because you felt so vulnerable. As a kid, and without ever playing a game that handled in a 'modern' sense, i never realized that vulnerability wasn't coming from the violence or theme of the game, but from a complete shat set of abilities and movement...and even those same mechanics started to etch at the success and popularity of franchise games that came after, that did mostly the same stuff...until RE4 completely flipped everything on its head...

All i'm saying is that an RE2 remake in the style of the GC's RE1 version...will probably only work for extremely 'old' fans that enjoyed the original and would love a new coat of paint...most 'modern' gamers were barely alive when RE2 released, let alone actually experienced it when there was nothing like it...and they'd give those tank controls about...6 minutes...yet, if you update and take those controls away and modernize them...the entire essence of the game is removed...

the horror genre needs something major...and i honestly don't think it'll happen until VR gains some serious momentum...and that remains an if, as VR isn't something that can be sold through word of mouth or youtube videos...

asmith23061206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

@Kleptic: I actually played RE 1, 2, 3 and Code Veronica recently. I don't understand your "dated" argument when applied to a nearly 20 year old game. I don't expect any of the old RE's to play like anything other than how I remember them. I'd only apply a "dated" argument to a new game with old ass mechanics. The old mechanics in the RE games are part of the nostalgia in my opinion.

Another example would be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the NES. Probably some of the worst controls I have ever come across in my time playing games. I still wouldn't want it changed though. It's helps retain the challenging aspect of the game I remember as a five year old.

Kleptic1206d ago

^did you play RE at release, or sometime in that timeframe?

I guess what i really mean is did you play RE2 before RE4?

we're actually in agreement...i didn't mean the controls were dated in a bad way, and i agree they're entirely part of the nostalgia...I don't like mechanics like that any more, but only because innovation in gaming made it that way...and i hate it when a game tries to force vulnerability or fear on you just because of limited controls that don't make sense...they made sense in RE1 and RE2, there had never been an alternative to suggest otherwise...

i'm more saying those controls, pacing, camera angles, etc...can't be changed...that game won't be that game without them...but at the same time, that game only works for people that played it before there was any alternative...which, imo, is far from the case anymore...

even capcom admitted that RE4 and all its success...made it very difficult to get back to the franchises origins...and they haven't successfully done it yet...I mean, i guess they could attempt some over the shoulder complete rework of the entire RE2 world...and it would have some fan fare while being a more modern take on everything...but i still don't think that would end up as decent as it sounds on paper...hence the 'asking us' about all this...if it was a good idea, it would just happen...thats how it should work, anyway...

_-EDMIX-_1206d ago

Agreed. They trash that series, want to just see remakes of the last REs, I get they need to make RE7 to make lots of money, but I only want RE7 to do well to fund RE2-Code Veronica Port lol

Watch RE2 remake get revealed and a bunch of gray dudes are shooting at you!!!

gantarat1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

i don't think they make RE 2 Make an action game.
1. it would be more cost than Remake,0 Style
2. what the point make RE 2 Make an action game if RE 4 onward going action-oriented route ?

_-EDMIX-_1206d ago

@Gant- I don't either and I'm pretty sure we all know a remake and remaster are not the same thing.

Now I don't feel RE2 will be a full on action game, but its not out of the realm of possibility, consider the way the series is going now.

gantarat1206d ago

its possible RE 2 Make have some action moment (Cutscene,Boss Fight etc etc) but full blow action i don't think so ?

PS. i don't mind if capcom add dodge system from RE 3

spacedelete1206d ago

i don't see why people think Resi 2 is a good idea. Capcom isn't the same company it was when it created the first Resi remake and they don't have Mikami who made that game so good and tbh even Mikami isn't as good as he used to be because Evil Within was average at best. Resi 2 remake should have happened 10 years ago after they finished Resi remake.

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-Foxtrot1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

They just have to remake it like they remade the first one

Try and change it by modernizing it like the new games and they'll ruin it

Oh and they also need to add a Mercenary Mode again with a no time limit option

Find it funny though they are only now interested in listening to us since that fan remake is gaining interest.

I wonder if they might consider adding together Resident Evil 2 and 3 since they happen at the same time.

Majin-vegeta1206d ago

Was just reading this on FB and thought it was a fake page.But nope its the real deal.

Just don't screw up Capcom.

Travis37081206d ago

Plz do! We all want it!!!

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