Collector Editions - Gears 2 - Mass Effect 2- Fallout 3: Rip Offs?

From XboxOZ360:

"The Gears of War 2 CE/LE package is no different from others we see in games coming out now, which consist essentially of the same things. They all satisfy the fanboys that are paying out big time for these packages, but I think they can do more, adding things to these packages that are not so gimmicky. I mean, do we really need a Dominic and Maria photo just for keepsakes?

I can only hope we will receive more useful things such as complete walkthroughs… "

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Superfragilistic3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I don't agree with the walkthroughs. Personally I buy a game to discover it for myself rather than follow an instruction manual. :)

And the pricing is ridiculous. There's no way I'll pay AU$200 for a "keepsake" photo of two video game characters... I mean really?! lol

Fallout 3's LE/CE though, might have me if it's ever released in Oz. ;)

EDIT: I think I just import the best version and save myself some tidy cash at the same time. Although I still suspect Fallout 3 might see a delay in release worldwide. ;)

gaminoz3668d ago

Which one? According to a thread on if it is released here in Oz it will be different for the EB version and the GAME version. I'm confused and would like to fuse elements of both! 'IF' it is granted approval after being refused classification.

XboxOZ3603668d ago

Well according to the OLFC in Australia, it has still been refused classification, and thus effectively banning in in Australia. And I doubt that will change. I'll be getting one from the UK as they are PAL and that's not an issue. And with currency conversion and the cheap freight some stores offer, you can't really go wrong.

I think you'll find the Collectors Edition as opposed to the Limited Gears 2 Edition will contain more than what is on that list. That list is for the Limited Edition, not the Collectors edition, and thus only around $AUD10-$15 more than the normal RRP of $AUD 99.95, but the Collectors which should have that and the replica Lancer in it, will be definitely around or over the $AUD150 mark, much the same as the GTA:IV was at $AUD149.95 rrp

Acj23233668d ago

It was used the guide as an example, some people will like it some wont use it. But I think we should start to see some more practical things that we would need or use.

I am not wanting just plan books with information needed, I would love to have some figurines of a Lancer but things like the photo is not really needed, but to big fan boys its a must have, so it really deepens if your obsessed with it like its going out of fashion or you just love the game.

XboxOZ3603668d ago

Wile helping compile the art for this, I realized just how much I love the various CE's and LE's available now. I have around 12 different 360 CE or LE games, some only available in the US or UK or in Asia. Not into the JRPG's etc, mainly shooters and the like.

You used to be able to take a breath, save some money and wait for the next one. Now it's almost every second AAA title that has a CE or a LE. Some not worth even the extra tenner they ask such as Bad Companies bad excuse for a collectors edition etc.

But then average games like AITD with such excellent packaging, that you wonder how they can sell it for just another $10 - $15 more than the standard edition.

gaminoz3668d ago

I love my Big Daddy, and the Alone in the Dark soundtrack is fantastic. The art book for Assassin's Creed was great...but you had to buy it separate. But a lot of them like Bad Company throw a nice tin at you and a few weapons, or a making of dvd which just isn't much (though it depends on price).

I'd like to see something like illustrated or cg backstories for the games. Imagine a Resident Evil 5 'catch-up' with illustrations or done in CG that give you a 'previously on Resident Evil' feeling.

XboxOZ3603668d ago

Personally I think they could learn a lot from PC Collectors Editions. They are some of the best packages around sometimes, and well worth the added investment. Then there's the how limited is the Limited Edition.

At least some are actually limited and the same goes for the collectors editions. But earlier on, they were simply just another way to package the same game and get more sales. Such as Need For Speed Carbon, etc. Not much in the way of Limited, especially the farcical Halo 2 Limited Edition . .

gaminoz3668d ago

Oh mean the Halo 2 that was so LIMITED that they had more of them left years later than the standard. I think the standard version was the more limited one!

XboxOZ3603668d ago

True, I almost bought a BOX full of the Halo 2 LE's from Harvey Norman when they were clearing out stock prior to the 360;s release, for $AU8 each, there were 50 of them in the box and they basically couldn't give them away. If you got them for just $8, they were selling steadily at the time on eBay for around $15-$20, making a nice sum of profit for a bulk buy. You'd have your money back before selling half of them.

WHY so SERIOUS3668d ago

At the end of the day all of this is subjective and opinionated, it doesn't matter how stupid you think something is - there will be someone out there that is willing to spend extra $$$ to get their grubby hands on memorabilia for their favourite game franchise/s.

That being said, no one is really in a argumentative position in this case, because as I pointed out before, if the person likes x item enough and are willing to pay the extra...they will.

XboxOZ3603668d ago

Quite true, many said I was made for buying so many 1st-gen Limited Editions, which were actually around normal retail price at the time. BUt now, and even earlier, youcan get decent money for really harder to get ones.

I had a Blue DOA one that was numbered in Japan (NTSC-J and while it cost me $AUD450 at the time, I sold it for $AUD900 and the guy was ecstatic to get it. As there were simply only 4000 of them made. I have 1 of only 750 Mint Green Hello Kitty Dreamcast still in it wrapping. There were only 1500 mADE and only 75o saw the shelf.

SO sometimes some things are worth keeping or acquiring. As collectors are a breed in and of themselves, and a good collector will pay a premium just to HAVE the item, even if he/she never ever uses it. As that is actually half the reason they get them. If and where possible, I'll get both the CE/LE and then a secondhand local edition to play, so that the CE?LE is never opened.

I have a sealed Jade EMpire off the 1st-gen Xbox, still in its wrapping, and have been offered almost $200 for it, yet it cost me just $20 at the time. Real collecting is a long-term investing idea, not a short term money spinner.

weazel9703668d ago

i completely agree, they make people spend loads more for basically nothing e.g. halo 3 you got a helmet?!!?! walkthroughs would be much more useful

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