14.4 million PS3s sold as of June 30, 2008. SONY's gaming division makes profit of 51 million dollars for the Q1,2008

SONY has released their fiscal earnings figures today. According to their
earnings report around 1.56m ps3s were sold in the first quarter of 2008 taking the total tally to 14.4m. In comparison just 700,000 ps3s were sold in Q1 of last year.

SONY's gaming division made a profit of 51 million dollars for the quarter ending June 30th , 2008

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pwnsause3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Pwned, and they said the PS3 was a failure, whoever said that is possibly attempting to hang themselves right now. Hey VGchartz has them right there.

sunnygrg3673d ago

and PS3 is on the right track, pretty befitting for the King.

FAQS3673d ago

Q:..talking about those guys, where are them now?
A: As predictable, PS3 is gaining the market... it is growing a lot faster than xbox360 in the same time it is in sale... I have always sure that PS3 will rule and this numbers prove it!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3673d ago

xBox 1 = FAIL
xBox 360 = FAIL(Sales are CR*P really so far)
Trying to bring down the PS3 = FAIL
xBot Lemmings on this = FAIL
xBot KING RAT(Two of them on this) = FAIL
(Must be sad FAILING all the time in'it!!!) ;-D

All the PlayStation bashing we have had to go thru over the past years and they(Micro$oft and xBox Lemmings)still can't stop the PlayStation Brand!!! ;-D

Well done my Loyal Disciples!!!;)

Enjoy your many years of PlayStation Gaming!!!;)

Mr PS33673d ago

Has just moved into 3rd Gear
Catching up real fast
Then we have 4th Gear
Thats the Gear the PS3 overtake's the out of fuel Xbox
And just like all the top Sportscars
The PS3 has another 2 Gears
5th and 6th
That means there aint no catching the PS3
And the Xbox like all beat up old cars that have been run into the ground by Kid joyriders
Has'nt got anymore Gears
Its having its Nuts Screwed off
Its maxed out and running on empty
Ready to Stall and Conk out
Never to be Restarted

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3673d ago

14.4 million xBox 360's RRoD'ed as of June 30, 2008. Micro$oft gaming division doesn't exist, and they made-up a profit of 555555 Million dollars for the Q1,2008!!! ;-D

Pain3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Retard: Huh!??? i dontz belive thems numbers they coming from $ony its all bull... but i i sure belive's what M$ tellz me! 120Mill Vista sold and Number 1 game thing~a~midginky!! in das World!! !! hu yuck!!

Homicide3673d ago

So pretty much we might see a price cut this holiday season. This will totally pwn Microsoft.

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Jamie Foxx3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

recent claim by microsoft which to any neutral gamer looks mightily foolish (mattrick who you tryna kid?)

p.s. 14.4mil was reached 9 months quicker than the 360

Fox013673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

-Wii over 26M - December 2006
-360 over 20M - 2005
-PS3 over 14M - November 2006

Microsoft better wake up; instead of spending money on DLC, and shyt "deals", they should start marketing or buying out studios (like EA does)!

uie4rhig3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

nice ... Sony's gaming division has turned a profit again, that means the PS3 doesn't have long to go to turn a profit :)

mikeslemonade3673d ago

VGchartz is correct on july 19th they say it's 14.48 million. That's on the low end because the PS3 definately sold more than 80,000 units in 19 days, but VGchartz is a reliable source. Screw you VGchartz haters!

BLaZiN PRopHeT3673d ago

PS3/360 Comparison for Apr-Jun 2008

PS3 1.56 Million
360 1.30 Million


PS3 14.38 Million
360 20.30 Million

whoelse3673d ago

he actual title is misleading because its 14.4 as of and of first quarter, not end of June. So its probably over 15 million now.

thePatriot3673d ago

14 million ps3's sold since last month. its just misleading, crappy grammar. (its like I wrote it)
also nice numbers btw

snp3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Also their largest market - Europe etc - is only since mid March 2007...

-Maverick-3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

PS3 is still 6 million behind already being half way through 2008. The Next Generation will be starting by 2011 at the latest(thats 6 years after the 360 might even be 2010) and the PS3 is still hanging 6 million behind. That's a LONG way to go. By the time PS3 catches up and gets a lead in it's maybe able to get some special third party Exclusives or something other console aren't(the only reason you should care about who's in the lead...unless you're playing a brand name of the console even though its a pathetic excuse for a console...we know alot of you do that).... Xbox 360 will have led this entire Generation until the next consoles are out. When new consoles come don't see any big games still being made for the older consoles...they start ramping up for the new generation...they DON'T CARE about Sony's little 10 year life cycle to try and recoup for how much money they've lost, selling you a Blu ray player. NOW is the time to be enjoying the best games coming to these consoles. Xbox 360 and PS3 will be out well after the next generation starts, and I will be playing them, but its not like GTA, Resident Evil and all the good games will still be being made. You might get one more God of War game before Sony moves on to the PS4. Get it??? It doesn't matter if PS3 catches. This generation IS halfway over and PS3 is still beinhd 6 million. The new XBox will be here by 2010 or 2011. That's 2-3 years. Think about it. PS3 needs to catch up WHEN IT MATTERS and it will GET YOU SOMETHING. If not its going to be the same sub-par console.

By the time PS3 catches won't matter(assuming it does catch up and Xbox 360 doesn't get a price cut and start winning again) and this generation(not console cycle....generation) will LITERALLY be over with. When PS3 finally has a small lead somewhere in 2010 or 2011 do you think that means something huge???? When XBox 360 has driven this WHOLE GENERATION into a close with ALL the best services, games, best running games and everything else while PS3 still continues to only have 186 games while Xbox 360 has 450. lol Are you playing a brand name????? It won't even matter by the time PS3 catches up...developers won't be giving anything special to the's just not the PS2 this generation and not even close. XBox 360 has already led this whole generation and it's STILL 6 millions ahead.

PS3 14.38 Million
360 20.30 Million

snp3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

I'll buy the good games wherever they are, whenever they are, to the extent that i can afford them. If the PS3 takes off in a big way late this year, or early next, or the year after (in PS2 type numbers) you can be assured there'll be good games avaiable for it for a time to come - just as the PS2 has had great games over the first half of this generations life, and still sells to the next level gamers.

When these guys choose to release their stuff will depend entirely on where they see their chances in the current market at that time. Saying one or the other 'wins' by default because they rush out with something new to draw a line in the sand and say 'see we sold more! Time's up!' is a bit silly. If Microsoft draws early, and is getting some kind of clear lead, you can be sure Sony will react, but that's completely going to depend on how the public and developers respond. (Indeed the Wii aint pretty, but is doing fine on graphics/tech much lower than either console).

Sony doesn't seem to have any need to draw this gen to a (imo) premature close. They've only just started in their premiere market (Europe - just over a year) and are getting good sales, are catching nicely in the US after a flat start, haven't yet released their biggest guns in Japan (ie. Final Fantasy; with both regions not yet two years in), and have yet to see many of their first, let alone second generation first party products released (God of War, Ico, partnership MMO's, Home interface etc). The exploitation of the tech has barely started.

Basically, i see no reason they will or should rush ahead and ditch their own roadmap on behalf of another co's. Actually, that'd be the worst thing they could do - in terms of sales, technology and customer and developer relations).

PS: I'm not sure where your getting your numbers. The 360's look a little optimistic, and the PS3's are about .5 million low on even the more pesimisic estimates..

-Maverick-3673d ago

lol I'm not saying they win by default...I understand PS3 will more than likely catch the XBox 360 by...the year 2010...when this generation is already basically know what I mean?

When you lead the ENTIRE GENERATION until developers move on to the next consoles(PS3 and XBox 360 will still get your maddens, guitar heros and occasional games like PS2...but its not like now with Resident Evil 5...all the good games will be coming out on the new XBox and then the PS4 the next year)it's not like it's going to help the PS3 become a better console. Bro XBox 360 reached 20 million before PS3 even reached 14 million. PS3 isn't catching up that fast...yet. It can change. But it's still at BIG disadvantage... and we litreally are halkfway through this generation, which is what matters so you can get more Exlcusives or at least games the Xbox 360 is getting Exlcusive which is alot. Xbox 360 gets 99% of the third party Exlcusives that aren't multiplatform.

I mean XBox 360 has won where it matters. It's a much better console with more than twice as many games and 3 times a many AAA games. And it's still in the lead by 6 million...having already driven this whole generation. New consoles really are getting ALOT closer now. Only 2-3 years, max. PS3 is still behind and Xbxo 360 is still a WAYYY better console that will continue getting more than PS3 until it catches up and it will still have to large an install base to ever be ignored. Xbox 360 is the console to own this generation. PS3 is too delayed and screwed up. They should be in the lead and have a GOOD sized lead right order to actually benefit from it and get some special exclusive for the next 2-3 years...beofre developers move into the next generation. PS3 still has no games and this generation will be coming to a close in not long at all.

Real Gambler3673d ago

The Xbox is in a very, very dangerous situation here. Yep, the hardware is already feeling old. They have already announced (E3) that game install will now be common. Ooops, I pity Arcade version owners, or even 20gig version owner who will have to buy that ultra expensive hard drive.

So yes, you're right, the next version is coming out soon. They have no choice. But it will likely come out against the new Wii which will use the same peripherals but will likely have built-in hard drive and HD. (They have no choice either, and those guys have a bigger fan base already) During that time, the PS3 will be able to afford staying on the sideline and enjoying sales generated by the BluRay and new games. (I can see a smaller PS3 unit that would fit well with HD home theaters and be very cost efficient.) Once the dust settle between the two, then, and only then, they will come out with the PS4. Sony doesn't have to rush anything. The game division is starting to show profit, and they can wait pretty long on the side line and see who they have to go after. Hopefully Microsoft won't drop the 360 like they did with the old Xbox, but that would be even worst. Would the devs go for the new xbox, or the 360 since they are used to it? Games would only trickle on the new hardware. No games, no sales. And huge Wii competition... The new Xbox will also need something bigger than DVD for games. BluRay (make sense, but show that PS3 was right) or download only so not that great for Home Theater collecting bluray guys (sales of bluray are really picking up you know)....

tuaamin133673d ago

Been drinking the kool-aid much?

Really though, yes "core" gamers follow the latest and greatest hardware, and in this case it was the 360 because it released first, but there are millions of people who want a next-gen experience and are looking for a long term console. You know, the "casual" gamers. Most of those people will pick up a Wii because it's the "hottest thing," some will pick up a 360 because the game catalog is so huge, or because their friends have one, and others will pick up a PS3 because of the Blu-ray feature and the fact that they don't have to have a yearly subscription to play online (because they may not even play online every month, even if they play games frequently).

What this generation is going to tell is us is the buying habits of the US. The Wii is purchased by pretty much anyone, the PS3 is purchased by people who either want the latest hardware or a multimedia machine, and the 360 is purchased by mainstream gamers (ie those who purchased a 360 because they're a gamer and that's what everyone else has) and the people who jump on new hardware as soon as it comes out. These would be the same people who would buy a new video card as soon as the next best card comes out, and probably own multiple consoles anyhow so they could play every game they decides tickles their fancy.

cysna3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Now it's 14m, soon it's 25m, then 40m then 70m and so on. If M$ is going to launch a new console in 2011, who will make games for it when there's 70-100m PS3 owners??!! But this is if the PS3 continues to sell like PS2. The next christmas holiday season will prove a lot! We'll see.

And BTW. There is only about 13-16m Xbox360 owners as 30% have bought a new one when the old one got RROD (as my friend had last week).

Drekken3673d ago

Maverick... Not to say that your opinion shouldnt matter... but you have a picture of Tom Cruise as your avatar. Add it up as you jump over the couch.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3673d ago

What's really interesting is that Sony only released one major exclusive while Microsoft almost released all of theirs.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3673d ago

You do know this is Sony's second year while it's Microsoft's third year. Most of the XBOX 360 titles aren't even in HD (High Definition) it's like why the hell did I buy a 1080p screen when most hardly even make it at 720p, lol? The PlayStation 3 can actually deliver 1080p games at 60fps the reason why I bought an HDTV.

Things like PlayStation Home isn't even out yet that will be a great leap in online. Having a 3D PlayStation Network is the most ambitious thing a company can do as of right now and allowing it free of charge.

With the games it's natural to have more games when released a year early. Just look at Perfect Dark Zero to Resistance: Fall of Man, what game is still being played most? Look at Halo 3 to Killzone 2 there are just leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue ( Not Gran Turismo 5) to Forza MotorSport 2 the games technically are very different. To me it isn't the quantity of games a console as but the quality of the games a console has.

supahbad3673d ago

i can't believe some of you are bragging about how the new xbox is coming out sooner, i don't get it. you must just be getting tired of it because i'm not ready to start shovling out 500 bucks because there still hasn't been enough games yet this round. and i was thinking about getting a 360 soon but if it's $500-$600 and i only get 2 years out of it i'll just get a new TV or save my money.(and yes it would cost that much if not more because i need to get a wifi adaptor, and i'll have to get one with a bigger HDD)

Kratos Spartan3673d ago

So what did Microsoft win exactly? You keep saying "they won! they won!" What? What console war? Some little fantasy war you have strategically drawn up on paper to feel like you have accomplished something? You are not an expert. You are not an Analyst. You are a fanboy. Which means, you are nothing. Let me know when any xbox can sell 100 million units. Never mind, let me know when any xbox can sell 40 million units. Okay, Okay, 30 million. Oh the hell with it. You're right. Your generation is halfway over. Your next console will be out soon. But here's a little secret.....the 360 wasn't meant to compete with the PS3 or Wii. It was meant as competition for the PS2. Why do you think they rushed it out so fast and dumped the first one that failed up against the PS2. The 360 is more like a PS2.5. DVD technology. Disc read errors. Disc scratching. RROD. Microsoft wants to be like Sony so bad.

Bucky Sligo3673d ago

You're being very ignorant. What about Haze, COD4, GTA4, ect that's all sub 720p on the PS3? Even though GTA4 IS 720p on the 360. Whats your response to that? What games are 1080p @ 60fps on the PS3?

-M4verick-3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Fanboys read it again. I'M NOT SAYING SONY WONT CATCH UP.

The new consoles REALLY will be out in about 3 years...that would mean 6 years after the Xbox 360 was released(You think Microsft will wait more than 6 years lol!!). PS3 IS STILL AN EXTREMELYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY LACKLUSTER CONSOLE. It has had EVERYTHING second-hand. Xbox 360 has lead this entire generation anits not going to change, they are STILL 6 million ahead. PS3 should have caught up in Xbox 360's sesong year.... not it's is going to happen.

Xbox 360 is the console with al the best gfames services, etc. DEVELOPERS DONT CARE about Sony's 10 year plan. Except to put maybe rockband 4, madden and the usual on it. DEVELOPERS WILL BE MOVING ON in 3-4 years and PS3 is STILLLLL WAYYYY BEHIND with way less games. Period. You get my point.

PS3 fails this generaiton. Look at PS2. Now look at PS3. Mircosft has lead Sony for 3 years staright and they wil continue to this year and next year.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR THE PS3 TO CATCH UP IN 2010??/ Get what I mean??? It's already been so behind that it doesnt even matter!!! It will NEVER have as many games as the 360 or as good of servies. What just so you can so yipyy!!!PS3 FINALLY caught up with the Xbox 360 after being destoryed this entire generation and making a mockery of the Playstation legacy!!! What does it do for the underperforming PS3?? Nothing. Xbox 720 will LITERALLY be a year away by the time PS3 catches up. I know you understand. The whole reason you want to have a lead is BECAUSE IT GET YOU MORE. The new Xbox will be out in 3 years!! Microsft aren't waiting on Sony. They want to ALWAYS put them at disadvantage and leave them behind....that's their whole goal... and It is working.

fenderputty3673d ago

So wait, if we're in a race and I give you a one year head start. I then promptly catch up and beat you at the end of the track. I'm supposed to feel like that's less of a victory?

Erotic Sheep3673d ago

Exactly.. whats working? Opening your wallet again and again to spend money on every little addon the PS3 already has built in?

How can you say the generation is over by 2010? Should we buy a new console every 3 years? Dont you think Microsoft should wait and actually release something ground-breaking instead of just some old crappy hardware, not lasting longer than 3 years? Think about it, the PlayStation 3 still has lots of potentional. It would be quite hilarious to see Microsoft release a new console that produces graphics the PlayStation 3 also could do since developers would be more advanced by then. Just look at the PlayStation 2, it's still selling like hot cakes. So no.. this generation will atleast last for 4 more years, 2012.

Your tiny brain forgot something, Microsoft had a year headstart. How can you say Microsoft is leading Sony then? Your console got outsold by the PlayStation 3 last year. ROFL, no offense but I believe Sony is kicking your ass for 1,5 year already, even when Microsoft had a year headstart with NO competition.

And for the record, the 360 HASN'T won anything this gen. And no, not even the PS3. The real winner is the Wii..

hfaze3673d ago

It actually sounds like you WANT Microsoft to rush out yet another console... Look at what happened last time they did that... :-P

Honestly, with both the 360 and PS3 able to do firmware updates and add additional software features the way they can, I don't see either company rushing out to get another new console out there on the market.

The only company I could see putting out a new console by 2010 or 2011 would be Nintendo. The Wii will be looking VERY dated by then...

Personally, I hope both the PS3 and 360 stay the "current gen" for at least a few more years. Everyone knows that the best games for a console come out years into the console's life-cycle. Take a look at God of War 2 for the PS2, that had AMAZING graphics/sound/gameplay for a PS2 game. Yet it took developers all of those years to learn how to squeeze every last bit of capability out of the PS2.

Whenever a new console comes to the market, you are assured of a couple things...

1. So-so (at best) games for the first year.

2. Hardware glitches in the first few console production runs.

Personally, I would rather see the full potential of this generation of consoles before getting rushed into the next.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

lol, Metal Gear Solid 4 / Metal Gear Online run at 720p / 1080p. Yes not every developer will achieve 720p/1080p and most multiplatforms won't cause of the XBOX 360. Look at Halo 3 a first party game that is exclusive to that console doesn't even run at 720p. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue runs at 1080p at 60fps and 30fps in replays.

Just look at the exclusives for each console and tell me which looks better graphically? Now compare the PlayStation 3 exclusives with the multiplatform games on the PlayStation 3 and tell me if you see a difference. Killzone 2 vs. Halo 3, Killzone 2 vs. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, or Prototype vs. Infamous?

There are hardly any games on the XBOX 360 that runs at 720p let alone 1080p. Wardevil: Unleash the Beast Within became a PlayStation 3 exclusive because of that reason. It is said that they made it exclusive to focus on one platform but no game(s) run that high on the XBOX 360.

In conclusion the PlayStation 3 is better for HD (High Definition) gaming than the XBOX 360. The XBOX 360 didn't even support full HD and needed an update to support it. With all that said it wasn't even released with an HDMI port meaning that they were never really going to support full HD. Now the updates and ports are there on the XBOX 360 just for show when nothing really runs that high unless it's a downloabable game.

Rob0g0rilla3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Look at the list of native 1080p games on PS3 and 360 and PS3 has a ton more. There's even some PS3 multiplats that do 1080p while the 360 version only does 720p. Quite interesting.

Kratos Spartan3673d ago

Why should the PS3 have already caught up? Why? Because you said it should have? Get off your knees, sit down and talk to me. What generation are you talking about? The DVD generation? I'm trying to make sense of your logic, but I'm having a hard time. You are saying the PS3 will catch up and overtake the 360. The 360 is still ahead in sales. This whole console war/generation thing is a mess now. Microsoft could not make up there minds with who to compete with. They dumped their first console after 4 years and rushed another to the market. The Xbox brand is in its own generation. Let's call it Generation X for fun. And now the Playstation is in its own generation.
These 2 consoles are just too different from each other to say that they are competing with each other. Sony and Nintendo are trying to push gaming forward, although in a different way. Microsoft just wants a piece of the pie. I'm not hating on Micro, but that is the impression I get from them.

Jake11113673d ago

This is commical! ROFL... I have all 3 next gen systems and I can honestly say that the XBOX360 is a coffee holder and the Wii is only for when my brother brings over his 5 year old son...

The PS3 has truly proven to be a TRUE next gen system. RFOM, Warhawk, Ratchet, Motor Storm, Heavenly and now MGS4 (one of the best games I have ever played) are all TRUE NEXT Gen games.

I played GOW, Halo3, Bioshock, Mass effect etc for 360. These games pale in comparison to the size, detail, AI etc of the PS3 games I have mentioned.

So basically your statement is false!

I do however agree that microsoft MUST bring out a new system soon. They rushed the 360 to the market and it failed. It would have been a half decent system if the PS3 didnt come out.

Competition is good. Microsoft must come to the table with something that compares to Sony.

If they dont. I truly feel microsoft will bow out of the video game hardware industry and remain software only.

plenty a tool3673d ago


everyone knows you certainly dont fall into that again.

dhammalama3673d ago

That will really help it in the longterm.

athlon7703673d ago

"And for the record, the 360 HASN'T won anything this gen. And no, not even the PS3. The real winner is the Wii.."

Your are wrong there, the 360 has won the whammy award for the single console in the history of consoles with the most breakdowns!


Aww come on, that was funny. Does anyone even remember the whammy?

(shakes head in disgust while walking away...) Mumbles "my humor is wasted here"!

Adamalicious3673d ago

Maverick is Nasim.

On Topic: I disagree with him.

Tapewurm3673d ago

There is no doubt that the PS3 is the best choice as far as a quality item is concerned and people are finally realizing this.......not to give MGS4 all the credit or anything, but I know 4 people personally that bought the PS3 after watching me play MGS4.....this system is definitely the one....if it had been released the same day as the 360 the numbers game would be a different story for sure. But all would have to agree that for the money you get much more with the PS3 than with the other 2 consoles.

RememberThe3573673d ago

And that would be pretty f*ckin dumb. Microsoft's gaming division is just this year turning a profit. Why would they go and mess that up by investing a ton more into launching a new console? I say they stick it out with what they got, and keep making money.
Heres a link to an article about they're goals with the 360, it's not much but it gives you an idea:

DaTruth3673d ago

It took one year to make up the last 5,000,000, how long do you think it will take to make up the next. With ps3 selling more consoles every month and 360 selling less. First year of ps3 was horrible and it still beat every year of 360. It consistantly sold better than the 360, How is that a loss? When the next xbox launches, Sony has a trump card; Cell chips are designed to work together, when ps3 reaches $150 price point they'll probably release games designed to run on 2 ps3's.
Having 2 cell processors working together and the fact that cell can do graphics processing, with every ps3 equipped with wifi, a firmware update will have to ps3's working together and will have nex-gen costing almost nothing. Who would buy a 720 when they can buy another ps3 for cheap and still have next-gen.

BattleAxe3673d ago

This generation isn't half over, its just that the XBOX 360 is half over. When the XBOX 720 comes out, MS will finally be on the same hardware level that Sony is at right now. Great games are going to be made on the PS3 for a long time.

Example: PS2 was released in the year 2000 - God of War 2 ( released Feb 17/07 ) Socom: Combined Assault ( released Nov 22/06 ) Metal Gear Solid Essentials Collection ( released March 19/08 ) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ( released Nov 18/05 )........ plus they still make Tiger Woods PGA tour, Madden, Guitar Hero, Rock Band and all kinds of other games for the PS2 and its been around for 8 years.

PS3 will beat MS, this generation is far far from over.

jadenkorri3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

"Bro XBox 360 reached 20 million before PS3 even reached 14 million. PS3 isn't catching up that fast...yet. It can change."

gotta love 360 fanboys when they quote this sh!t

guess what, MS reached 20 million as of July 30 08, that's 2.6 years since its November 22nd 2005 release , while sony ps3 has sold 14.4 million as of June 30 08, which is 1.6 years since its November 11, 2006 release..

which means 360 sold approx 7,692,307 per year
while sony sells approx 9,000,000 per year
see the difference maverick

can you see the difference. but you are right, 360 sold 20 million before sony reached 14 million... 360 fanboys tend to forget the 1 year head start... remove those 360 fanboy goggles and you might start seeing clearly...

PumPum3672d ago

Dont forget that the ps3 launched in Europe March 2007.
Sony is doing really well.

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pwnsause3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

they are on track to sell 10 million this fiscal year, so they are expecting an install base of about 23-24 million by march 2009. i can see that happen, with games like Resistance, KZ2, Little big planet, Motorstorm:pacific Rift and maybe white knight story shipping into stores by march 2009, PS3 will continue to tell very well.

Heck i can already see a price drop for the next fiscal year (after March 2009) that will really push PS3s. they dont even need to drop the price this year. Microsoft already made their move, and they decided to add more value to their console by replacing the Hard drive, Which sony is doing already.