Hands-On With Windows 10's Xbox App

"In the lead up to Windows 10’s launch, Microsoft has spoken often about gaming on its new operating system. For Xbox gamers, that translates to integration with Xbox One (and indirectly, Xbox 360), so that the platforms aren't so walled off from each other. The Xbox App is one such element of that integration—and it's quite good, even for something that isn't yet 100% polished."

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Sureshot1206d ago

"When I chatted with Microsoft just prior to Windows 10's launch, they did mention that like Xbox One, the Xbox App will also get monthly updates. Some months will focus more on back-end tweaks; other months will be more "feature rich" and grant everyone even more functionality."


LifeInNZ1205d ago

Xbox to Windows 10 streaming is useless to me until you can keep watching TV on Xbox. Other than that, its looking great!

Automatic791205d ago

@Life I am sure an update will be available down the pipeline as stated by Ybarra on a recent video. But useless may be to harsh as of right now it does what's needed and in my opinion its fantastic.

Death1205d ago

I'm assuming you are using the Xbox app to watch TV? If not, just change your HDMI input to your TV box.

mcstorm1205d ago

The one thing I would like to see added to the app is if I turn my Xbox on with the app it dose not turn my TV and sound system on too as I use it in my room. If they add this to the app soon its perfect for what I want to use it for.