Rocket League Has Been Downloaded Over 5 Million Times

Psyonix Studios has announced that there have been over 5 million downloads of Rocket League in less than a month.

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Sir_Simba1205d ago

Wow, some games in their lifetime would even get that close.

Rimeskeem1205d ago

This game certainly hit by storm, it made simple idea into something fun for everyone.

WeAreLegion1205d ago

They made this game several years ago, but it came out early on in the PS3's life cycle and had little marketing. Luckily, everyone got on board this time. So freaking good.

Rimeskeem1205d ago


Indeed, I platinum it but that doesnt mean i stopped playing, I am currently getting into ranked and its just a blast when the people you are playing with either suck enough to where you look really good or if they are your skill level and you can play like a pro with them.

itBourne1205d ago

On ps3, we would have drinking parties and play this game, years ago was a blast. Have seen nothing but good about this. However, it is a ps+ game, so I know just me alone have 4 friends and myself who have downloaded it, yet not played it. I hope we all can this weekend, hard to get everyone together now days as adults, even online.. how I miss the LANs

Crazyglues1205d ago

Yeah the game is a blast, had a ton of fun playing this with friends...

it's really well done...

Xavior_Reigns1205d ago

The game is incredible, well deserved. For those having issues, hope you get it fixed on your end if need be.

fermcr1205d ago

"Rocket League Has Been Downloaded Over 5 Million Times"

Considering is was "offered" with PS+, that number is not surprising.

Would be interesting to know how much copies the game actually sold.

KwietStorm1205d ago

I think it would be more interesting to know how many active players there are, but everyone seems to love it in their time with it. I'm sure a good chunk of those downloads were because of word of mouth.

Cohagen4201205d ago

I see 150,000 and more daily on PSN.

IIFloodyII1205d ago

Over 500k on Steam according to Steamspy.

Shazz1205d ago

i think they will make a tidy sum off sony after those numbers, remember it all helps sony all these downloads and players gaming away on the ps4 version of this

Sevir1205d ago

Whether the game is offered for free is less important. Sony cuts them a check that covers their development cost for bringing it to PS plus, They got their money and the fact that its been so popular speaks volumes They'll likely sell even more once it exists PS+ month.

fermcr1205d ago

These guys lost a lot of money and sales by giving the game away on PS+.
Do you really think Sony will pay them near enough the money they lost? If so, then you live in dreamland.

These guys are making money from sales on Steam, not from Sony.

Sevir1205d ago

Actually they do, It isn't bs, Several indie development studios have come out and testified that Sony and them negotiate a set number of downloads and the cost it would take to allow that, Housemarque, Outlast Dev and Super Giant. As a result the game and the development studios gets publicity as a result. If the negociations have no positive profits to gain then the development studios would never enroll into the PS+ business negotiations. If it wouldn't benefit them you'd never see it on PS+

Not hard to understand...

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TXIDarkAvenger1205d ago

I'm surprised this game blew up like it did. Now I want to get it.

22CobraKing1205d ago

Wow. Imagine if they didn't have it for free but it still got attention. 5,000,000*$20=$100,000,000
I bet about 4 mil are ps plus and the rest are PC.

Christopher1205d ago

Well, first, they don't "take home" the whole price tag of a game cost. A portion of that will always go towards licensing fees and whatnot.

Second, even with it being on PS+, Sony is paying them a hefty amount for the number of people who purchase the game through PS+. It may not be a "per game sold" in this manner, but a lump amount based on number of people who get it through PS+. Likely more than what they would have gotten without the extra press and it being a part of PS+.

Taero1205d ago

Agreed, I wouldn't have gotten this game ever if it wasn't on ps+, hadn't played the original, concept didn't appeal to me whatsoever (soccer in cars? No thanks). However I love it and am most liekly going to buy the paid dlc for it.

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