How to Use a DualShock 4 to Control an Xbox One (Using Windows 10)

TheArabGamer writes: "Thanks to Windows 10's Xbox One streaming service you can now navigate and control the Xbox One using a DualShock 4. Maybe sure to check out my other video to learn how to install the DualShock 4 on PC using on simple app."

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SpaceRanger1230d ago

Seriously! The DS4 is top in terms of functionality and comfort. I've used it a few times on my computer and it felt solid.

TheColbertinator1230d ago

Now this pleases me greatly. An open future for Xbone and W10

subtenko1230d ago

They hate us cause they aint us....

They dont hate us anymore xD

umair_s511230d ago

This is really cool, DS 4 is amazing