LBP:"The New Super Mario"

From LBPCentral:

"Yesterday I got the chance to play LittleBigPlanet for the first time, and what a time I had. This game is everything it's cracked up to be and more, and I am so glad I got a chance to see it firsthand. I played it 5 different times, 15-20 minutes of playtime each turn, so about an hour and a half of total play time..."

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grantps33675d ago

yeah looking good.

i think it would be sweet to make a level like the original donkey kong/ mario game with the barrels going down and you need to get to the top to rescue the princess

sushipoop3675d ago

You hear that Wii owners? Buy a PS3. =)

Can't wait to play it.

slave2Dcontroller3675d ago

I wouldnt be shocked if Miyamoto San and Iwata San showed up at my door and asked; Can Wii play? lolz

Prismo_Fillusion3675d ago

I already did!
PSWii is a great combo.

Currently though...the PS3 is getting about 100 times more usage.

ChampIDC3675d ago

I love how nobody calls bias when this comes from, but if it was about an Xbox game, fanboys would be all over it.

It's not going to overtake Mario, as much as I'm sure PS3 owners would like it to. Mario is far to big to be overtaken.

Fishy Fingers3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Call bias if you please, and perhaps in this case rightly so. But go and find a negative hands-on or preview of LBP, you can't. It deserves all the accolades possible.

HighDefinition3675d ago

LBP is the new MARIO, or is the only game that has the chance to be.

Bob Dole3675d ago

Porn's good for you. It builds strong bones.

ChampIDC3675d ago

Never said it's going to be a bad game. I just hate the hypocrisy on this site. If it's an Xbox site saying that Gears 2 is going to be the best shooter of the year, all the PS3 fanboys will come out and start calling bias, saying that Killzone 2 or Resistance 2 will be better.

LPB is going to be a great game, no doubt. Don't get me wrong people.

TheColbertinator3675d ago

@Champ DLC Are you new here?Cause that stuff happens all the time.

motts3675d ago

hehe bob dole makes me laugh

i guess i can see why lbp gets compared to mario because of its presentation and overall look, but it seems like so much more than a mario game so i dont really care if people think it is "the new mario" or not. Game is gonna be sick. Hope i dont fail out of school cuz im too busy 'flyin like paper gettin high like planes' and playin this game :p

Lifendz3675d ago

I can see myself picking it up and loving the levels in the game, dabbling with my own level, and then every month downloading an awesome level by a dev or one of you.

Can see the forums lighting up now about a MGS4 duplica level. Or a Mario brothers replica. Maybe something that's a throwback to Mega Man. The possibilities are endless.

And I'm not worried about paying for some user generated content because A) I have an extra 60 bucks in my pocket since I don't have to pay to play online and B) levels created by Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Guerilla, and whomever else will be well worth it.

Bob Dole3675d ago

M.I.A. is the shiz-NITE! Well.. that song is. All her other stuff is crap. Way to stay on subject Bob Dole!

Homicide3675d ago

LBP will be epic. Sackboy is the best thing created this gen. I hope he becomes Sony's Mascot. Also I hope the game sells a lot and becomes popular/mainstream.

uie4rhig3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

that is because GeoW2, R2 and KZ2 all challenge each other tbh, they're all in the same genre, but LBP currently doesn't have any rival atm as far as i know..

but idk, everytime i hear/see more about this game, i love this game more and more..

and at Homicide, i agree with you, Sackboy should become Sony's mascot and it will be an epic game!!

poopsack3675d ago

wheres the bias in this post? It says the new super mario, which means lbp will be a classic. If it was some 360 game saying the new (insert psone classic here)t here wouldnt be any calls out in being biased because their simply isnt any. So why dont you just continue on your search for hypocrisy on the stupidest things. And leave us gamers to actually enjoy stuff instead of whining about them.

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thePatriot3675d ago

remided me of god of war (firt one) putting those stones back in their place. dont know why. Imagine, each or the four sack boys carrying a piece of the puzzle through the level to open te door at the end and end the level with a brawl for most points=most slaps in the face. oh cant wait.

Dannycr3675d ago

" After I buy LBP
I wouldnt be shocked if Miyamoto San and Iwata San showed up at my door and asked; Can Wii play? lolz "

I nominate you for post of the forever!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

I pictured the entire scene on my mind like a Wii advertisement and at the end: Little Big Planet. Only on PlayStation 3 xD with Miyamoto and Iwata holding Dual Shock 3's

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