IGN | 'F1 2015' Review


Though deeply wounded by a poverty of features and broken multiplayer, F1 2015 puts its best foot forward on PlayStation 4. Great controls really let the strong handling and grip models shine, and it looks great. It’s easier to recommend as a single-player game, though you’ll need to watch out for its bumpercar AI drivers.

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Crimzon1231d ago

Codemasters have really lost their way as a studio.

Rookie_Monster1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Wow, whatever happened to Codemaster? They used to be godlike in racers. Well, really was looking forward to good F1 game but the search continue.

ABBAJESUS1231d ago

Game is good, if you like F1... just not worth 50-60$, more like 20-30$