Driveclub: 50 Screenshots Show New DLC Cars and Liveries on PS4: The Swan Song of the Season Pass

The latest DLC release for Driveclub saw the inevitable end of the Season Pass, delivering five beautiful cars and liveries aplenty. If you don’t have the season pass, below you can find quite a few screenshots of all the cars and liveries, to help you decide if the packages are worth the purchase.

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Khronikos1210d ago

Man, what a great game and a huge comeback. Season Pass is easily among the top 3 I've ever had. Probably tops.

Brugal1210d ago

I agree. Awesome game, awesome season pass.

RosweeSon1209d ago

Yeah great value for money when you add it all up.

badz1491209d ago

the FXX K is a monster!

MK24ever1210d ago

To me, best driving game of all time! If they add more content later, I'll happily buy it.

sizeofyou1210d ago

Is it the swan song of the season pass this month? I thought they'd indicated more content next month, with "a big surprise" (...which may well be in that content but may also be the introduction of Season Pass 2? Maybe?)

Brugal1210d ago

This is the only season pass I've brought for a game, well worth it.

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