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Described as an open-world sand box game, Better Late Than DEAD throws you straight into an unusual scenario and tells you to survive. Going solo or with a friend you must fight for your life against bears, wolves and even your own bodily functions all while trying to uncover the mysterious storyline that makes you question are you really alone?

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MrsNesbitt1151d ago

Looks interesting :) love the title of the game

Maple221151d ago

Interesting twist on a survival game. Sounds like it could be good fun.

GamerGabs1151d ago

Nice to see a survival game with story elements, gives an extra reason to keep going. It does look like the game needs something more to help it stand out from the crowd, but with a solid dev team, perhaps they will implement this in the future.

cynicgamer1151d ago

Jumping on the Dying Light bandwagon?

nowitzki20041151d ago

How is it like Dying Light? And Dying Light copied a lot of other games.....

cynicgamer1151d ago

survival games... everywhere.

nowitzki20041151d ago

Dying Light is not the first one and far from the best so dont get how this game is "jumping on the Dying Light bandwagon".