Dead Island 2 developer Yager Productions GMBH files for insolvency

Yager Productions GMBH, who was responsible for developing Dead Island 2, is closing down after filing for insolvency.

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nick3091174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Hurry up dreadnought (:

deadpoolio3161173d ago

Why would that even effect Dreadnought, MS is paying for the development...If they were to go under it wouldn't be until after they finished the game...

nick3091173d ago

No i just want the game

Palitera1173d ago

If a project gets too expensive, companies just shut it down. And what's better for a project budget to become astronomic than an insolvent studio?

That's why.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

I don't understand, but I hope this doesn't affect Dead Island 2. I'm Really looking foward that game, it looks really cool and love zombie games.

SaveFerris1173d ago

I hope the staff affected by this will be able to find jobs elsewhere.

Mr Logic1173d ago

Insolvency not layoffs. They have money to pay salaries for a while more.

spacedelete1173d ago

haha. hows that for karma? Techland must very bee very smug right now.

deadpoolio3161173d ago

Are you retarded? Lets not pretend that Techland is this great amazing developer, Spec Ops: The Line blows any of the garbage Techland has been associated with...Dead Island and Riptide were borderline terrible glitchfests and mediocre at best, and lets not even bother trying to pretend that Dying Light is some amazing experience...Its better than Dead Island but not by all that much...

Myst-Vearn1173d ago

You have some garbage opinions deadpoolio.

OhMyGandhi1173d ago

if they say "German studio" one more time....

Der_Kommandant1173d ago

Nooooo, I wanted a Spec Ops The Line sequel :'(

spacedelete1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

people don't realize Yager didn't have anything to do with Spec Op's story. 2K sent one of their employees to help with the story. Yager was only involved with creating the meh gameplay for it.

deadpoolio3161173d ago

There was NEVER going to be a sequel to that game....It wasn't a game made for sequels in any way shape or form...It would have been utterly retarded to try and make a sequel to it, would have just been making the first game all over again

Der_Kommandant1173d ago

Well, not a sequel to that game, the story was perfect. I just wanted another one maybe in Vietnam.

rdgneoz31173d ago

"With Yager Productions GMBH being the sub-division of the German studio that was solely tasked to develop Dead island 2, Yager’ managing director Timo Ullmann further explained that the wider studio remains intact."

It was a division created only to make Dead Island 2. The main studio will live to see another day.

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