The darker side of PC gaming

The guys from Game Out Loud have covered many different topics, including the glories of PC gaming. This time though, they discuss the problems and the not so glorious aspects of PC gaming.

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GrapesOfRaf1210d ago

Unfortunately, this is exactly why so many of my friends simply stick to console gaming. It's the worst when you can't even figure out what's wrong.

DevilOgreFish1210d ago

Well windows 10 and DX12 is finally out. better OS and API functionality is now available. just by downloading steam and having your HDD space ready for games, you should be able to game even more easier now.

Stringerbell1209d ago

For those with some patience and some know how there is a lot of fun to be had with PC gaming. For instance just yesterday I was playing Twin Snakes in 1080p with the dual shock 4. But then there is the dark side of patience as well. Like trying to figure out why my modded Skyim (150 plus mods running) is only now having CTD's every minute. Side note load orders and rogue scripts are a cruel cruel mistress...

ONESHOTV21209d ago

that not a big problem use root or boss that will fix the load order if you didn't know.

aquamala1209d ago

what some see as performance "issues" on PC are just accepted on the console side, Witcher 3 running at 20-25 fps on your console? oh that's the way it's supposed to be, nothing you can do.

someOnecalled1209d ago

They always do this just like updates for games and firmware is good now. But before they use to bash it. I still here people try to downplay driver updates like its worst than the updates on consoles.

It's just a know fact that every negative or bad thing on console will be spun into a positive. Updates, no mods, drm, no single player games, pay for p2p and online period, bad fps, mediocre exclusives ( on pc a OK exclusive is garbage on consoles its an acquired taste so go play cod u noob), rehashes is very welcomed on consoles thus the sales, console gamers tend to accept their overload console markers to lie, do dirty tactics or even spit in their face and they would even make excuses for them.

If sony would of announce drm along with ms what would people do. Game on pc and wiiu most people on this site constantly state how they hate them and it to much to get into it. Every know that people would of sucked it up and brought them. It's about the exclusives and the brand. A lot of people don't want to admit how these corporations have them and how little things could change the situation. Aren't PS fans paying for online when most said they would never play for mp

ninjahunter1209d ago

Eh, generally speaking there's an answer to almost all PC issues, which are usually pretty rare as it is, and the common issues are definitely relevant on all platforms. Honsetly I do run into quite a few issues on PC, but they are almost all self inflicted, "Wow, if i disable this it frees up so much ram, surely its not vital to the functionality of something."

Genova841209d ago

To call pc issues "rare" is like calling a blizzard in New England "rare". They occur with some frequency and you can bet there's ways to fix them, most of the time. Still can't tell you why darksiders crashes on load or dead space 2 won't launch on my pc. They work fine on my fiancé's laptop ...

I find that with any new game there are always bugs and it generally takes me 2 hours to get ot running how I want it to. Sometimes it works flawlessly from the start, south park stick of truth is my last example of that however.