Major Halo 5 Announcements Coming to Gamescom?

Eric Wrona a Halo Champion, Pro Player and one of the participants in the just concluded Halo tournament seems to have some interesting information regarding some Halo 5 announcements coming to Gamescom. According to his tweet "minds to be blown away with the @Halo announcements at Gamescom, I'm still reattaching mine atm".

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Sureshot1205d ago

6 more days! Let's hear more about that open world gameplay and see some Master chief this time!

I'm more hyped for this than E3. You know Microsoft is pulling out all stops to impress Europe

1205d ago
GMR_PR1205d ago

1080p Confirmed? One can only wish.

Coming from SnipeDown it probably has to do with competitive Halo.

Immorals1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Wouldn't call 1080p 'mind blowing' news.

Wii U has more 1080p 60fps exclusive games than both xbox one and ps4

RzaDaRazor1205d ago

1080p 60fps would be. Xbone is the only console that has AAA exclusives that are 1080p 60fps

GMR_PR1205d ago


1080p @ 60FPS Halo 5 would be huge news, at least for me.

Destiny10801205d ago

I suspect they will make it a pc exclusive

crazychris41241205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

You mean make it available to the X1 as well as PC right?? Its certainly possible with Windows 10 now officially released. What better way to push people into win 10 besides making it a free upgrade is to make one of the biggest franchises available on win 10.

Satyre281205d ago

Never gonna happen, Halo is not any other game. This game is literally hand and hand with Xbox, sending Halo 5 to PC will literally cripple Xbox, and lets be honest nobody is that stupid. If you want to play Halo 5 only place will be is on Xbox One.

shloobmm31205d ago

Yeah, that will never happen.

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OpieWinston1205d ago

Snipedown is amazing. Is their a precision weapon that is being revealed? Or another game mode for competitive.

Here's hoping.

Slevon1205d ago

Coming from Snipedown, i'd have to guess they announce hcs season 3 will have a huge prize pool or that they will have some sort of lan features available

OpieWinston1205d ago

He talks about CoD players being brought over. Obviously it's not just HCS and LAN.

HCS Prize Pool is influenced by REQ Packs anyways.

Slevon1205d ago

I hope youre right, i just have to keep my hype contained. I only say hcs because if there is a huge prize pool maybe more people will compete for it. Fingers crossed its something better because a prize pool doesnt effect me one bit

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