Sony preemptively buries its latest zombie shocker.

From gameplayer: "Sony Pictures has released some new information about the upcoming computer animated Resident Evil movie - and all signs point to suck."

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g3nkie3639d ago

That trailer put all the RE movies to shame. Thats what RE movies should of been. How are they going to point out that the movie is going to suck because its only released in limited theaters when FFVII:AC wasn't even released in the theatre and that did pretty dam well?

Cartesian3D3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

"all signs point to suck."

LMAO .. as you said just like FFVII:advent children it wont suck..

for 2 reasons :

1- animations dont have the limits of a movie :more bad ass zombies,better visual effects , and more capable main character :D btw there is no emotion in RE movies, so what the hell , even a virtual character can play better than milla

2-SONY Knows how to make an absolute stunning animations (making FF many years ago 4 example :D )

Ghoul3639d ago

i just need this on bluray and im more then happy

Panthers3639d ago

I didnt think it was even coming to theaters. I thought it was a straight to dvd/bluray release.

ry-guy3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Sorry but Square made both Final Fantasy: Spirits Within and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, not Sony. The only part that Sony played in it was the distribution (Columbia Pictures and Sony Home Entertainment, respectivly).

RemmM3639d ago

What sucked was the live action movies. This CGI movie of RE that HAS to do with the real characters of the RE series will be great! There is no doubt in my mind.

IcarusOne3639d ago

The author's right - the Appleseed films are soulless. The hottest dumbest girl in the room with a rich, pampered upbringing. I don't know anything about the director, but if he's a no-name, relatively first-timer, then signs are certainly pointing toward lame.

Having said that - I own both Appleseed films precisely BECAUSE they're pretty and vapid. So basically....gorgeous CG zombies in an airport? Count me in. But only on Bluray.

Bolts3638d ago

Appleseed isn't about soul, its about looking good, and the animations are fantastic even by western standards. This RE movie however hardly look better than some in game CGI and comes with the second rate animations to match.

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The gaming GOD3639d ago

But since it says SONY on it, I guess people feel they HAVE to bash it. Never mind the fact that this is a capcom project as well.

Fox013639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

yes, it's a conspiracy against Sony And Capcom is part of it.
They made a shyt movie so that people will bash Sony and the PS3.

Anyway, I think this is really what all Resident Evil movies should have been. I saw the last 3 and they sucked balls. The graphics of this one doesn't look great but I really liked what I saw.

it's shaping up to be a good RE for the fans.

The gaming GOD3639d ago

I'm just saying how the American media views Sony as a company as of late

Bnet3433639d ago

Yeah, funny thing is, it's not even the American media, it's freaking Aussie. Next time at least read the source if you're not going to read the article. Let me guess, the Australian media is against Sony too right? Give me a break.

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thekingofMA3639d ago

i completely agree with you

...but just out of curiosity, why were the 6 or 7 comments above me deleted?

Erotic Sheep3638d ago

Because they were comparing their manhood...

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CaptainHowdy3639d ago

AWESOME!!! screw live action RE...gimme gimme gimme

LeonSKennedy4Life3639d ago

The trailer looks like a bad cutscene from an old Resident Evil...

Where is JJ Abrams when you need a script?

beavis4play3639d ago

and jj abrahams isn't the one to go to for a script. man, that movie was major suckage.

masterprince1013639d ago

this guys must be an idiot this movie looks like an RE movie should not completely making their own story like the live actions movies

rogimusprime3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

JJ sucks so bad at screeplays (not TV stuff) its not even funny. Honestly, go watch Cloverfield. I saw it for the first time 2 months ago. It was garbage. It held my interest until they decided not to explain where the damn monsters came from. That was Garbage, you KEEP HIM AWAY from my Resident Evil.

Again, please recognize that this is Hollywood, and it doesn't matter if you have talent, if you know people you can make a movie. They made 2 sequels to Resident Evil only because of the box office numbers, those movies SUCKED!

I will take a chance on CG since the characters from the GAME are in it.

Just to be a bastard, I'll go out on a limb and say the clone wars CG will be better than the live action Episode II. Cause that was awful as well. :)

@3.2...Bubbles for you. I hate Cloverfield so much.

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themyk3639d ago

the article makes it sound bad.

thats how i prefer my zombie movies to be.

i'm downloadin it.

Bob Dole3639d ago

Evil Dead. Not really zombie but... you know.

kindi_boy3639d ago

actually i think the movie will kick so MUCH ass i hope they make it available on blue-ray.

Nineball21123639d ago

The trailer actually makes me MORE interested in this movie. It looks like it could be really good...

I'll have to keep an eye out (no zombie pun intended) for this one.

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