Comparing digital card games: Hearthstone vs. Magic Duels vs. SolForge vs. EarthCore

GamesBeat: Digital card games are becoming a big industry trend, and players have plenty of options. Last year, we compared three of the biggest titles in the genre. Well, a lot has already changed in the digital card arena, so we’ve updated the chart and story with some new info and new games.

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ColManischewitz1234d ago

Don't sleep on Earthcore. This is a fantastic game as well. Ditto with SolForge. Both of these are worthy rivals to Hearthstone. Different, smaller in scope, but still great card games.

midnightambler1234d ago

It's great to have so many options right now.

syotos771234d ago

I love hearthstone lol.

Deathdeliverer1233d ago

Hearthstone is my shiz, but Magic the gathering with fully customizable decks is tough to beat. I stopped buying the planeswalker games because of the lack of building a from scratch deck.