Wada: We're Neutral When it Comes to Platform Partners

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada has told that the RPG specialist is neutral when it comes to dealing with publishing and platform partners.

The company shocked Final Fantasy fans at E3 when it announced that the latest title in the series – Final Fantasy XIII – would appear on the Xbox 360, sparking intense debate amongst followers of the evergreen RPG franchise previously associated with Sony and the PlayStation brand.

"We always consider the territory and hardware for titles, and I just want to make sure that we're neutral about dealing with companies," said Wada.

"In Japan we know that the Xbox 360 isn't really that strong yet, but for me I feel very calm about dealing with any company, and we're not partnering exclusively with any particular company."

Wada said that the company will continue to support multiple formats in its efforts to reach beyond a core audience, and the Xbox 360 offers strong opportunities to expand into the US market.

"In North America Microsoft is doing very well with its hardware, and for that reason it's a very important partner for us," he said.

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Dark vader3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

truth is that this game went multiplatform cause the 360 has a 5 million lead over the ps3 in the NA. And square like any other compamy was to make money. If the ps3 was ahead of the pack, then this game would have remained exclusive.

yanikins1113707d ago

and by 2010 when we finally get a gimped ff13, you think its still gonna have a 5 million console lead, or any lead at all?

Montrealien3706d ago

Truth is they made this game Multiplate because they can and it is a sensible business move. Also because they can get the same results on both systems, minus the storage space on the all mighty Blu ray disc. The version won't be gimped because they are making it on the 360, get over yourself.

I'm getting it for my PS3 and I'm just happy for people that can't get both consoles will be able to get this game on their 360...

SL1M DADDY3706d ago

It cost much more to make games and third party exclusivity is foolish in this day and age. SE knows the 360 has a strong lead in North America and that the PS3 is strong in Japan. They make the game exclusive to PS3 in Japan and multiplat in North America. That way they take home more cash to support their business. It has nothing to do with slamming Sony or its fans, it's business and money that makes the world go around.

yanikins1113706d ago

and yes, good for the the people who only have a 360. But the ps3 version is going to get compared heavily to WKC so it had sure as hell want to be up to scratch.

sumfood4u3706d ago

All i really want is an Due Date, so i can start planning on purchasing it!

StephanieBBB3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Everyone is neutral when they get a butt load of cash in thier hands telling them too. It's good for buissness and buissness comes first, Fanboys and "the right thing to do" comes second. Even though I know lots of you fans think that what you say actually matters but think again. The most important thing for a company is money, they use it to survive and grow and thats just life.

mistertwoturbo3706d ago

The truth is they are not doing what they claim. Hence The Last Remnant coming exclusively to the 360 first. Then Infinite Undiscovery (although I heard it's paid by MS), and lastly Star Ocean 4 which also seems to be either exclusive or timed exclusive for the 360.

So F' what Wada says

JasonXE3706d ago

Last Remnant is more technical issues with unreal engine not working properly with the ps3 so it got delayed. IU & SO4 are being developed by tri ace which only done 360's games for some reason.

kevnb3706d ago

this isn't square soft anymore.

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[email protected]3707d ago

Well, lets see if those xbox360 exclusive end up on PS3 anytime soon after the xbox360 release of course.

Montrealien3706d ago

They probably will. And that's good. I think Sony could have fought for a few timed exclusives also though, no shame in that. The days where games come to them by default are over.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

...He said while on his 1 Million pound Yacht, drinking Champagne, and being rubbed down by some sexy Models(Lucky Git!!!)... ;-D
(Wonder where he got all that 'Devils' Money from???) :-/

PS3 Fans should be like me...
I won't buy a game from -
EA(if i get FIFA 09 it will be off eBay 2nd hand!So EA WON'T really be getting my Ca$h er really like!)
and any other Back-stabbing hating PlayStation Company!!! :-/

(Saying that FF13 will come out on the PS3 1st+you can import it! The SEXY;)AS FUNK!;)PS3 can play import PS3 games) ;)

juuken3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

EDIT: You're right RoBear. You have a point.

SpecialSauce3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

damn what # is this agn??? plus it's on Xbox now so you'll have to settle for a dulled down game. plus MS will probably pay them out the ass to just to have some sort of exclusive content.

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